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Large Outdoor Doormats To Keep Your Indoors Squeaky Clean

Every small aspect of home décor aspires to achieve perfection, even the frequently ignored outside door mats. These objects, which are unassuming but useful, act as barriers against dirt, debris and water while defending the insides of the house from weather elements. Nowadays, people are using large outdoor doormats to make their homes attractive and easy to use.

In the old days, outdoor doormats were made from such natural materials as coir or straw, but today they can be crafted out of various synthetic fibres and recycled stuff. Among all these inventions, there has been a noticeable popularity of big outdoor doormats with many homeowners who think that by doing so they get more protection from them and also durable ones.

Functionalities of Large Outdoor Doormats

1. Enhanced Durability

Large outdoor doormats are purposely made for harsh conditions out there, ensuring they last. These door mats will not wear out even if subjected to heavy traffic, extreme temperatures or moisture because they are constructed using weather-resistant materials such as rubber and coir. Large outdoor door mats serve as a good means of protecting your floor; whether you install them at the entrance of your residential house or business premises.

2. Effective Dirt and Debris Removal

The Large Outdoor Doormats do a great job in the removal of dirt from shoes before entering any room. They enable several strides towards proper cleaning thereby reducing the number of footprints brought inside. For example, this kind of mat is very effective when it comes to trapping mud, sand and leaves which tend to dirty floors that have been cleaned.

3. Slip-Resistant Safety

Many large outdoor doormats are designed with non-slip backing or textured surfaces that offer more grip and safety while walking on them. This factor is especially significant under bad weather conditions where floors may become slippery. These doormats help avoid slipping due to their capability to provide balance, support and stability making them appropriate for places with high human traffic like vestibules, balconies or swimming pool areas.

4. Easy Maintenance

Large outdoor doormats require only simple cleaning methods hence they are easy to maintain. Most models can be taken out and shaken or hosed down to release any dirt that may have accumulated on them. In most cases mild soap and water applied gently does this work perfectly except for stubborn stains which require a little more effort. 

Top 5 Large Outdoor Doormats On Target

1. Welcome Estate Doormat – Threshold

Welcome Estate Doormat - Threshold
Welcome Estate Doormat – Threshold | noblepuma

Introducing the Welcome Estate Doormat – Threshold, a premium addition to your entryway that combines functionality and timeless elegance. It is crafted for longevity, making it perfect for high traffic zones while retaining its charming look. Its strong build guarantees that it will last for an extended period of use, therefore making it suitable for residential as well as business premises.

Made from quality materials, this large outdoor mat has excellent absorbency properties thus effectively capturing dirt and debris thereby keeping your indoor floors clean. Its ample size provides extensive coverage for any entryway with its traditional design and usefulness. Buy now.

2. Doormat Orange – Sun Squad

Sun Squad’s Half Sun Doormat Orange is an energetic addition to open space. This big outdoor doormat exhibits a striking design and strong construction as it welcomes guests. The mat is made from high quality materials that make it tough in all weather conditions making outdoor use ideal. 

It has good coverage for the entrance, with a bold half-sun motif in striking orange, which gives your doorstep warmth and personality. With this doormat at the front gate of your home or on a patio or deck, function blends seamlessly with artfulness. Get this mat now!

3. Gateway Utility Doormat Charcoal – Mohawk

Gateway Utility Doormat Charcoal - Mohawk
Gateway Utility Doormat Charcoal – Mohawk | noblepuma

Mohawk’s Gateway Utility Doormat in Charcoal is a top-quality mat for any door that combines both style and practicality. Manufactured with toughness as a priority, this oversized outdoor doormat is meant to survive wild foot traffic and tough weather conditions.

This doormat is created from high quality materials and has a strong backing which prevents it from sliding or skidding on different surfaces hence enhancing stability. Moreover, its neutral charcoal colour adds elegance to your outdoor area while fitting different types of home decor. 

4. Floral Doormat – Threshold

Titled the Floral Doormat by Threshold, this lovely entryway addition effortlessly melds as well as functionality. Made for durability purposes, it is a rugged construction that can withstand everyday footfall and other elements. This doormat has been designed to last outdoors; thanks to its weatherproof materials that maintain their quality over time.

Simply place the Floral Doormat by Threshold at your main entry point or a porch if you like, it will lift up the look of any given compound while taking care of cleanliness issues. Being installed right on the porch or around the front door, it also acts as a unifying accessory that combines both beauty and functionality. Shop now.

5. Rope Braided Basket Weave Doormat Black/Brown/Cream – Threshold

Rope Braided Basket Weave Doormat BlackBrownCream - Threshold
Rope Braided Basket Weave Doormat BlackBrownCream – Threshold | noblepuma

It is a perfect combination of style and usability, introducing the Rope Braided Basket Weave Doormat by Threshold. It is made in such a way that makes it elegant with its detailed finishing while at the same time having the durability of ropes braided in black, cream or brown colours. 

This doormat features a fancy design which not only looks good but also separates soil particles thus making the entrance clean and inviting. This mat can be placed either at your porch or elsewhere like your patio yet retains its sense of practicality to blend with other outdoor decors. Shop now.


The final point is that large outdoor doormats are vital in both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of entrances. These mats go beyond the practical advantages of containing moisture and dirt; they act as a beacon to incoming guests, giving them an opportunity to make lasting memories at first impression. Big outdoor doormats can have timeless patterns on them welcoming the guests.

Target’s collection of large outdoor doormats is more than utilitarianism but rather an exterior decor necessity blending practicality with artistic taste. So what are you waiting for? Visit Target today!

For more information, visit Noble Puma!


What size should an outdoor door mat be?
A suitable outdoor door mat should be large enough to cover the width of the entrance and provide room for several steps on it.
Which kind of mat is best suited for outdoors?
An excellent material choice for outdoor use would be a durable and weather resistant rug which can be made of rubber, coir or synthetic fibers.
How can I pick my exterior door mat?
To choose the right exterior door mat consider durability, resistance to weathering, area size as well as aesthetic value.

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