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Edinburgh Travel: Your Guide to Affordable Traveling Experiences

Edinburgh is a popular city in Scotland. The city is full of delights with rich cultural history, traditional food to explore, timeless ancient buildings to explore, and endless thing to do while you are in the city. While you are in the city of Edinburgh you are sure to be inspired by the vibrancy of the city life and yet some much fun things to do. Whether you are loitering around the city visiting cafes or visiting the places in Edinburgh, your Edingurugh Travel diary will be memorable. 

When you are making your travel itinerary to Edinburgh Travel with Viator there are endless benefits you can reap with easy and convenient bookings. Whether you are not sure of what activities to do and how to clever the city with the best experience Viator has all the best customer supports right at your fingertips. 

How to Save Money while Traveling to Edinburgh?

How to Save Money while Traveling to Edinburgh?
How to Save Money while Traveling to Edinburgh? | noblepuma

If you are planning to travel this summer or in winter to Edinburgh travel here are some ways you can follow to save money during your Edinburgh travel.  

1. Get your booking in advance 

If you are traveling from different countries to Edinburgh, especially via flight. It could be expensive. Booking your flight tickets in advance will cost less and you can save money as well. If you are traveling from nearby cities consider traveling by train or bus. Traveling by train and bus is likely to be cheap and affordable.

2. Considering Edingurg travel during the off-season

This is only recommended to those who are traveling to Edinburgh any time of the year. The off-season will be less expensive for many things considerably. During the season due to pouring visitors and trailers around the world, prices on many things tend to be higher compared to the off-season. Moreover, if you are still traveling in peak season consider booking your travel activities or Edinburgh Travel plan with Viator for more affordable traveling expenses.

3. Get Budget Accommodations

Since accommodation is a big part of a traveling itinerary booking budget-friendly hotels can save a large sum of money altogether. If you are traveling to Edinburgh for a while, try booking hotels that are cheap or budget-friendly. Apart from food and transportation accommodation contribute to a large part of the travel budget anywhere you go. Edingubh may be an expensive city to travel to and live but there are numerous hotels with a comfortable stay at affordable prices. edinburgh travel Plus if you are booking accommodation outside the city center, hotels or guesthouses tend to be cheaper.

4. Avoid car renting and utilize public transportation

Edinburgh travel is a well-known city for its high volumes of affordable public transportation systems. Public transportation includes buses, trams, and subways. If you rely on rental cars and city taxis you are likely to experience a hole in your pockets. Car renting and taxis are double the prices compared to public transport. Moreover, it’s easy to find buses, and subways in the city in most of the major junctions during your Edinburgh travel. If you can also consider getting a day pass for a particular time during the day time, it can save you money.

5. Explore the city on Foot

Edinburgh travel Exploring the city on foot is a timeless experience both in terms of money and adventure. The city has many inadvertent charms to shower its visitors with. Moreover, the city is excellent to walk on foot and it makes any travelers feel comfortable walking around the city on foot due to the beautiful sites. Moreover, you will be surprised as most of the major attractions of the city are just within walking distance. Walking on foot will not only save you money but will let you explore the gems of the city which you may not discover if you are constantly relying on transportation edinburgh travel.

6. Visit Attractions for Free

It’s important to remember that not all the major attractions in the city are paid visits. There are exciting attractions in the city that you can visit for free and also learn a lot about the cultural heritage, admire stunning architectural buildings, and explore city activities for free. Such as visiting Royal Mile, city parks, Arthur’s Seat the Scottish Parliament, and more. Not all the best discoveries are in paid attractions. Although there are reasons why some places have paid entry tickets to visit but there are multiple free places to explore in Edinburgh for the best Edinburgh travel.

7. Pack your own meals and water bottles 

Since food can be quite expensive things to pay for while traveling. Cooking your own meals, packing your own food, and carrying your water can save you money on unnecessary expensive food and beverages. There are places in the city where you can easily refill your water bottles without thawing to pay for them. Either way, you can visit local markets for scrumptious and affordable food and try a food truck. Frequently eating out at fancy restaurants can cost you money edinburgh travel. 

Top six things to visit in Edinburgh for a lifetime experience

Top six things to visit in Edinburgh for a lifetime experience
Top six things to visit in Edinburgh for a lifetime experience
  • Visit Arthur’s seat for getting the best skyline view in the natural and robust hill view. It’s located at Holyrood Park.  
  • Your Edinburgh Travel is incomplete without visiting Edinburgh Castle. A stunning and magnificent castle with excellent architectural beauty is built up on the hill. This castle is loaded with rich ancient history to learn. 
  • For a seamless shopping experience complete your Edinburgh Travel plans by visiting Victoria Street. It’s usually one of the lively places to visit in the city. You can find all the best selection of boutiques and the promising street has everything to offer you with moments you will cherish forever. 
  • Be ready to be awed by the charm of the Georgian House. The house is well preserved by the National Trust for Scotland built in the 18th century. All the places to visit the architectural beauty of the Georgian House is just brilliant. 
  • For a refreshing experience visit the meadows in the city. This will leave your Edinburgh Travel plans rejuvenated.  It is located in the middle of the city. It has many exciting activities to explore both for children and for adults.  
  • Visit the Scott Monument for a rich cultural experience. It was built to dedicate it to the famous writer Sir Walter Scott. The monument is also the biggest monument eerie built dedicated to the writers. 


Overall to make your Edinburgh travel a timeless experience get all your bookings with Viator. Viator brings the best travel planning for a variety of activities to do in the city and Edinburgh budget travel. Whether you are in rush hours or on a sudden visit booking your travel plans with Viator will leave your experience of visiting the city a memorable one to cherish. The best thing about Viator is that even though you are booking at the last minute you can still get all the budget friendly travel experiences or activities and guides at an affordable price. For more information visit Noble Puma


How many days in Edinburgh is enough to explore the city?
Typically you can spend two days or more roughly to get the best out of the city’s lively experience. If you are thinking about visiting all the museums and exploring the city by walking around the city on foot, staying in the city for three to five days is recommended. 
Is Edinburgh an expensive city?
Comparatively, it’s an expensive city to live and also for travelers visiting the city can be whale overwhelming by the cost. But still, it’s not as expensive as cities like London. But there are still free attractions sites to see, food trucks, and many local markets where things are pretty affordable.
Is 4 days enough in Edinburgh?
If you are visiting the city for four days, it’s enough to discover the city’s beauty, and sufficient to travel to all the attractions in the city. If you are an easy-going traveler then four days may not be enough to fully explore the city.







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