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Harry Potter Costume For Potterheads To Experience The Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter is hands down one of the best series ever made and that’s quite evident when we encounter any Potterhead! The best part about this series is that it is one of the longest-running movie series so far and has adults and children all hooked to it even today. Be it Harry, the sweetest Hemoine or the witchy Bellatrix, each character has their unique charm and, well, importance in the show! The craze is such that even today, we see children dressing up as characters from this popular fictional world created by J. K. Rowling. You can also get a Harry Potter costume for your next themed party or Halloween with the help of ideas and inspirations that we have listed down below!

What Popular Characters Can You Dress Up As?

Harry Potter

As if it wasn’t very obvious, dressing up as the main character of the series is going to be a great idea! Potterheads love Harry and his iconic characteristics. You can start by wearing a plain white shirt and a black Hogwarts robe and combine it with the Gryffindor crest. Wear his popular round-rimmed spectacles, then create the lightning bolt mark on the forehead with the help of some face paint or makeup. Then add the Gryffindor scarf and a striped maroon and gold necktie. Small details are important so ensure you tie the knot of the tie in a Windsor knot. Also, do not forget to carry his magic wand tucked in your side pocket.

Hermoine Granger

If after Harry we could think of a character as popular, it would be Hermoine. The smartest and the “the brightest witch of her age.” she is. The girl who has an influential and significant role throughout the series remains a favourite fictional character for many girls and women. By dressing up as Hermoine, you can reflect on her skills and show the world how she remains one of the most iconic characters ever. Dressing up like Hermoine is pretty easy. You just have to grab a white shirt, put on a red and yellow striped tie, wear a grey pleated skirt and put on a V-neck cardigan. Not to forget the magic wand and the stack of books to give a more realistic feel to the overall look.

Bellatrix Lestrange

How about dressing up in a Harry Potter costume as a vamp who loves doing wicked things? This character is so cruel that she kills her own cousin for the sake of it. Bellatrix is one evil yet interesting character from the Harry Potter series that you can dress up as if you love to be evil or want to portray your darker side. Just wear a vintage gothic black dress with a black steampunk corset, black fingerless gloves, black mid-calf boots, a skull necklace and a curly hair wig to get the perfect Bellatrix costume, Harry Potter. Do not forget to carry a wand along with you because what’s a witch without her wand?


Professor Albus Dumbledore has been a prominent character in the series throughout. He is considered the most powerful wizard in the world (world of fiction). The wisest and the most warm-hearted man. This ever-so-famous can also be a great choice for a Harry Potter-themed costume! Wear a flowing tunic/ robe and a matching wizard hat combined with a pair of shoes and a few rings. You also need to get a wig that resembles that long silver-white flowing hair and a long white beard and that will make you look nothing less than this famous character. The magic wand and spectacles are also equally important accessories to be carried along to complete this Harry Potter costume.

Top Picks for Harry Potter Halloween Costume

1. Harry Potter Child Robe & Accessory Set

Harry Potter Child Robe & Accessory Set
Harry Potter Child Robe & Accessory Set | Noblepuma

This set of Harry Potter costumes is a perfect pick for Halloween. This set comes with all the things you need to dress up as a Harry Potter character. The pack has a child robe with a hood that resembles the robe worn by characters in the series. There is a tie that’s a replica of the Gryffindor tie and a pair of glasses that look exactly like the one worn by Harry. The robe is made from velvet material to give a soft and comfortable feel. The tie is also super easy to wear with that velcro closure.

Get it now!

2. Harry Potter Gryffindor Fleece Zip-Up Costume Coverall Big Kid

If you are lazy  and don’t want to go around picking every costume accessory individually, this zip-up cover-up is the most suitable option for you. The costume has a replica print of the Harry Potter Costume to make it look as real as it can. The sleeves and ankles of the costume have cuffs for a more satisfactory fit. The zip closure makes wearing this costume quick and easy as well as more comfortable for your kid. Your kid can wear this outfit at costume parties, Halloween or Harry Potter-themed parties. Click here to buy!

3. Harry Potter Glasses and Wand Costume Prop Accessory Kit

Harry Potter Glasses and Wand Costume Prop Accessory Kit
Harry Potter Glasses and Wand Costume Prop Accessory Kit | Noblepuma

Costumes also need to be the right set of accessories to make them look complete and realistic. This set of Harry Potter glasses and wand will significantly help you complete your Harry Potter costume. These props are licensed and can be used by children or adults alike. Not just at the Halloween or Harry Potter theme parties, these can also be casually used to have fun times or to cosplay.

Buy Harry Potter Glasses and Wand Costume today!

4. Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Robe Costume

Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Robe Costume
Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Robe Costume | Noblepuma

You may be a fan of Ravenclaw House from the Harry Potter series. If so, this costume has to be on your wishlist for your next Harry Potter-themed party. This robe looks nothing less than the actual Ravenclaw robe from Harry Potter. This robe also has the iconic Ravenclaw crest to make it look truly authentic. This Harry Potter costume is made from polyester so the outfit feels truly smooth and comfortable. You can combine it with a blue Ravenclaw tie and a magic wand to complete the look and cast your own magic spell!

Shop now!


Decades have passed but love and craze for Harry Potter stays intact. People often dress up as their favourite Harry Potter character to reminisce about their childhood memories and feel the relatability of the characters. You can merrily embrace the Potterhead inside you and create evergreen memories by wearing a Harry Potter costume. Enacting like your favourite character casting a spell on the enemies, you can impress people around with your cosplaying skills. Now if you want to leave a lasting impression as a Harry Potter character, we insist you get your costume from the exclusive range available on Target. Explore now!

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How can I dress up as Harry Potter?
You can dress up as Harry by wearing a white shirt, a robe, circular glasses, a red and golden tie and a Gryffindor scarf along with carrying a magic wand.
Do people dress up as Harry Potter?
Yes, many people dress up as Harry Potter and other popular characters from the movie series.
Where to get a Harry Potter costume?
You can find Harry Potter-inspired costumes and props on Target.

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