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Budget Holiday In London: How To Plan A Trip Without Breaking The Bank

Planning a budget holiday in London doesn’t mean missing out on the city’s incredible attractions. You can see London without going over budget if you plan carefully and choose your travel companion wisely.

We’ll demonstrate how to take advantage of everything London has to offer on a budget in this guide. Plus, we’ll introduce you to easyJet, your perfect travel companion for an affordable holiday in London.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Holiday in London?

Visiting London on a budget is indeed feasible with some strategic planning. Here are some cost-saving tips for an affordable holiday in London:


– Opt for holiday inn in London that are outside the city center in areas like Clapham or Hackney.

– Consider staying in hostels or guesthouses for more affordable options.

– Look for booking discounts and special deals on platforms like Groupon.


– Dine at local restaurants and pubs rather than touristy spots.

– Save by cooking meals if your accommodation has kitchen facilities, with ingredients from budget-friendly supermarkets like Tesco.


– Seek discounts for various attractions based on age or group size.

– Participate in free walking tours to discover the city without spending.


– Use an Oyster card for cost-effective travel on public transportation.

– Make the most of walking and cycling opportunities in the walkable city with designated paths.

With these strategies, you can enjoy a budget-friendly holiday in London without sacrificing the essence of the city.

Book the Travel Guides and Tours to Experience the Best of Holiday in London

1.   River Cruise and Sightseeing Bus Tour in Liverpool

River Cruise and Sightseeing Bus Tour in Liverpool
River Cruise and Sightseeing Bus Tour in Liverpool | Noblepuma

For an authentic experience of Liverpool, there’s no better way than to embark on a leisurely cruise down the River Mersey while also enjoying an open-top bus tour. This 50-minute cruise is a must for anyone exploring the North West of England. It offers a unique perspective on Liverpool’s rich history and its connection to the River Mersey.

As you sail along, absorb the stunning views of Liverpool’s riverside architecture and the local wildlife while being entertained by insightful audio commentary. Learn about the city’s captivating music and maritime heritage and discover the three significant influences of smuggling, music, and war that have shaped Liverpool’s unique character.

If you’re seeking an enhanced experience, consider upgrading to include both the river cruise and an open-top bus tour, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Liverpool’s iconic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere, both on land and water.

2.   Derbyshire, Peak District and Poole’s Cavern tour from Manchester

Derbyshire, Peak District and Poole’s Cavern tour from Manchester
Derbyshire, Peak District and Poole’s Cavern tour from Manchester | Noblepuma

This region is a quintessential representation of all that England holds dear. Here, you’ll encounter lush rolling hills, so vibrantly green that you might ponder if the soil holds some secret. Charming rural towns grace the landscape, adorned with picturesque cottages that seem endless.

Delve into intriguing caves echoing with stories of monarchs, betrayal, and history. This holiday tour is your gateway to the most captivating facets of Derbyshire. Behold the gracefully towering hillocks of the Peak District, savor the timeless charm and local delights of Bakewell Village, and venture into the natural marvel that is Poole’s Cavern. Join us on this journey and experience a miniature yet magnificent England!

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3.   Ghosts of Manchester Exploration Game

Ghosts of Manchester Exploration Game
Ghosts of Manchester Exploration Game | Noblepuma

Embark on a spine-tingling journey through the city, where you’ll delve deep into the enigmatic stories concealed within its buildings. Unearth a hidden past that eludes the pages of history and guidebooks, making it an ideal choice for a captivating night out with friends or a memorable date—ensuring you’ll have an abundance of intriguing conversation material. Whether you prefer to leisurely explore the mysteries or engage in a thrilling race against time to climb the leaderboard, the choice is yours.

4.   Manchester’s Music Scene with a Local Guide

Manchester resonates with the rhythm of music, earning its well-deserved title as a Music City. It outshines all others in the UK, boasting an abundance of live music shows. Explore this city’s unique musical heritage, intricately woven into its industrial roots.

Embark on a journey led by your guide, unveiling the rich musical tapestry intertwined with the city’s history. Your tour will take you to iconic music venues like the Free Trade Hall, famously known for hosting the Sex Pistols’ legendary gig. You’ll recognize it from the album covers of The Smiths, whose inspiration drew from the rebellious spirit of the Sex Pistols, along with the members of Joy Division and the Buzzcocks. Additionally, you’ll visit the historic Salford Lads’ Club, a site of musical significance.

Next, descend into an underground bar that once served as a public restroom, now a unique source of inspiration for an Elbow song. Lastly, venture into the emerging Northern Quarter, where you’ll find Piccadilly Records, offering a treasure trove of vinyl records to explore.


EasyJet is your ideal travel partner for a budget holiday in London. With their affordable flights and convenient services, you can explore this vibrant city without overspending. By following our tips and planning your London holidays with easyJet, you can experience the best of this city while keeping your budget intact.

Don’t miss out on this incredible destination – plan your budget-friendly holiday in London today with easyJet. And, for more such informative and interesting travel blogs, follow our website Noblepuma.


How many days are good for a holiday in London?
While everyone’s desired time for a holiday in London differs, a stay of five to seven days is typical. This gives you time to enjoy day visits to neighboring places and tour popular locations like the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.
What is the basic information about London?
London, the UK’s capital, is a multicultural and ancient metropolis. Notable features include Big Ben, a bustling theater scene, world-class museums, rich cultural heritage, and energetic neighborhoods.
What is London known for?
London is well known for its worldwide financial center, cultural diversity, historical significance, and the British monarchy. It is renowned for its fashion, music, and literary sectors as well, which makes it a vibrant and significant city on the global scene.

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