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Women’s Stockings Trends For All Seasons That You Need To Try

Women’s stockings have not existed in the world of fashion simply because they are cute- they also protect your legs from cold (if you have the right ones), and help you show off less skin when you don’t want to reveal much. With a range of sheerness levels available on the market, selecting different types can provide an opportunity to jazz up your outfits continuously. Welcome to the world of women’s stockings, where fashion meets functionality. Whether you’re aiming to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble or seeking a practical solution for chilly days, stockings are a versatile wardrobe staple. In this blog, we will  explore several variations of women’s stockings currently accessible and determine which ones must be present in every wardrobe

Women’s Stockings Through The Ages

Women frequently wore silk hosiery as adornments when the flapper style was prevalent during the early 20th century—the back seam detail serving as evidence that every woman prized them highly due to their luxuriousness at that time. As they became scarce throughout WWII given nylon diverting towards war efforts’ production machinery parts; henceforth became synonymous with postwar glamor once readily obtainable again after World War II finished.

Pantyhose was a groundbreaking clothing item that merged panties and stockings that first emerged in the 1960s. This innovative invention became an indispensable component of women’s daring miniskirts back then. Over time, various styles of hosiery evolved to follow fashion trends while also adopting different colors and materials as taste shifted.

Types of Women’s Stockings Available in The Market

1. Sheer Stockings

Perfect for: Everyday attire, professional settings or formal occasions.

Sheer stockings are created with ultra-thin and transparent fabric which gives a delicate and revealing effect when worn. The transparency of this type of stocking distinguishes it from opaque styles as it showcases your skin tone and occasionally even reveals tattoos or other features beneath the surface. Transparent tights (also known as pantyhose) tend to be more exposed than their solid counterparts due to their finer materials making them appear thinner on legs

2. Opaque Stockings

Perfect for-  Cold weather, casual wear, and adding texture to outfits.

Opaque stockings, also known as pantyhose or tights, are hosiery that lack transparency and have a thicker density in comparison to their transparent counterparts. These types of stockings can be crafted from materials like nylon, microfiber, or cotton. Unlike sheer nylons which offer minimal coverage for the legs with an almost undetectable appearance; opaque pantyhose completely cover the leg and provide warmth plus support- making them ideal for daily use during colder weather conditions.

3. Fishnet Stocking

Perfect for- Edgy and bold looks

Fishnet stockings are a type of leg and arm wear that showcase an airy, diamond-shaped weave. They come in numerous hues; however, the most prevalent color is black. Usually crafted from nylon or polyester yarns, these stockings can also be assembled with alternative fabrics such as cotton or metallic fibers which are more susceptible to ripping.

4. Patterned Stockings

Perfect for- Adding visual interest to outfits.

Patterned stockings are a type of hosiery that can either be see-through or solid, featuring intricate designs and motifs woven into the fabric. These stockings offer an enjoyable and stylish alternative to generic ones, contributing a touch of uniqueness and personality to your ensemble. To avoid overpowering your outfit, it’s recommended to pair bold styles with simpler clothing items.

Women’s Stockings Care Tips You Should Not Miss Out On

  1. To prevent damage, it is important to gently put on and take off stockings while avoiding any snagging. Choosing the correct size of stockings will further help maintain their shape, and trimming nails can also minimize accidental tears. Additionally, be mindful of accessories that could potentially catch onto or damage your stockings.
  2. When washing your stockings either hand wash them in cold water using mild detergent or place them in a mesh laundry bag if machine washed to protect from friction and snags. Avoid tumble drying as this may weaken fibers; instead, air dry flat by squeezing out excess water first.
  3. Make sure you store your unused stocking items separately from other garments so they don’t tangle with one another- consider individual pouches too! 
  4. Finally, remember when applying lotion prior to putting on the stockings to minimize the risk of damage from friction.
  5. Avoid excessive wear by rotating through a few pairs, allowing each to rest between uses. This helps prevent overstretching and maintains elasticity.

Top Picks for Women’s Stockings

1. Women’s 50D Opaque Tights – A New Day

Women's 50D Opaque Tights - A New Day
Women’s 50D Opaque Tights – A New Day | Noblepuma

The New Day Women’s 50D Opaque Tights provide excellent coverage due to their transparent design. The black hue simply enhances any outfit and offers you a highly versatile accessory for both informal and formal attires. These tights effortlessly complement any outfit when paired with faded jeans or under a dress, guaranteeing that you always maintain a fashionable and stylish appearance.

2. Hanes Premium Women’s Silky Sheer Control Top Pantyhose

The Hanes Premium Sheer Control Top Pantyhose for Women is the perfect solution for those seeking sleek, comfortable coverage. Offering 20 Denier sheerness and a silky finish, these pantyhose can easily enhance any outfit with their effortless versatility. Their control top design ensures they are snug yet cozy against your skin as you wear them under dresses or skirts – creating a seamless appearance that exudes sophistication and elegance throughout your day!

3. Women’s Viney Floral Tights – A New Day

Women's Viney Floral Tights - A New Day
Women’s Viney Floral Tights – A New Day | Noblepuma

The Women’s Viney Floral Tights from A New Day tights are perfect to wear under elaborate dresses and skirts and give you quite a dramatic look. These dressy tights are perfect for more celebratory occasions and look perfectly elegant under evening dresses and gowns.

4. Hanes Premium Women’s Sheer Thigh Highs

Hanes Premium Women's Sheer Thigh Highs
Hanes Premium Women’s Sheer Thigh Highs | Noblepuma

Hanes Premium Women’s Silky Sheer Thigh Highs offer you a luxurious look with its stunning looks that is complete with a comfortable stay-in-place band and feminine lace cuff detail. The sheer, silky leg goes perfectly under any skirt or dress. The tights are available in classic black, nude, and beige.


Women’s stockings are more than just cute accessories but have proven to be useful everyday items. The wide variety of stockings makes it easy to create unique looks. In colder months, they keep your legs warm, and in warmer months and still give you a sophisticated look. We looked at the different kinds of stockings that are out there, from sheer beauty to cozy opaques, fishnets, and fun patterns for all your needs. We have also picked some of the best women’s stockings from Target that will fit your budget just right. Explore the collection of stockings at Target and bring a twist to your outfits today! 

For more information, visit NoblePuma. 


How do I choose the best women’s stockings?
Think about what you’re wearing and the event; choose between sheer and opaque based on the dress code; and get the right size to make sure it fits well.
How many times can you wear stockings?
How long they last depends on things like care, quality, and how often you wear them, but in general, switching between a few pairs and taking good care of them can make them last longer.
How do I choose a stocking color?
For a smooth look, match the color to your outfit. When picking the right shade, think about your skin tone and the event.

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