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Gently Detangle Hair Without Breakage With These Wet Brushes

Taming tangled, knotted hair doesn’t have to be a battle. Wet Brushes available at iHerb use intelligent design to smooth hair without snapped strands or pulled scalps. Their secret is flexible IntelliFlex bristles that gently glide through wet or dry locks, easily separating strands. The bristles even flex to protect against split ends. Choose from stylish colours and designs, including glittery mermaids and unicorns. Pamper kids with gentle detangling that won’t bring tears. Reduce morning rush by quickly smoothing hair hassle-free. Wet Brushes offer a pain-free solution for polished hair, making grooming a breeze.

Benefits of Using a Wet Brush, Making It the Best Tool in Your Arsenal

– IntelliFlex bristles gently glide through tangles without ripping or pulling hair, preventing breakage

– Rounded bristle tips softly separate strands instead of scratching, reducing split ends

– Flexible bristles minimise scalp irritation and pain compared to standard stiff brushes

– Suitable for all hair types – thick, curly, fine, straight, wet, or dry

– Detangles both wet and dry hair effectively with smooth movements

– Massaging bristles increases circulation for a healthier scalp

– Bristles won’t trap or accumulate hair, allowing thorough cleaning

– Quickly smooths out knots for easy, fast styling and less tangles throughout the day

– Minimizes hair loss from excessive pulling and friction

– Helps hair appear shinier and softer by reducing damage from brushing

– Easier, more manageable hair with reduced frizz from gentle brushing

– Plastic bristle base provides balance between flexibility and control

– Ergonomic handles designed for comfort while brushing hair

– Fun colours and designs make brushing enjoyable

Conquer Knots with These 5 Amazing Wet Brushes

1. Speed Dry Brush, Pink, 1 Brush

Speed Dry Brush, Pink, 1 Brush
Speed Dry Brush, Pink, 1 Brush | Noblepuma

With its vented design and quick-drying bristles, this pink Speed Dry Brush from Wet Brush is the ideal tool for styling freshly cleaned locks. Its defining IntelliFlex bristles gently flex and glide through wet hair after shampooing, seamlessly detangling knots and tangles without pulling or breakage. Small holes along the brush back allow air to circulate freely, decreasing drying time after showering. Extra-soft touch-point bristles delicately massage the scalp for a soothing sensation. The comfortable grip handle provides control and eases arm strain during repeated brush strokes. Whether banishing tangles or finishing a blow-dry, the Speed Dry Brush leaves hair smooth and styled fast.

2. Detangling Comb, Black, 1 Comb

For pain-free detangling of all hair types, this Wet Brush comb uses innovative IntelliFlex teeth that seamlessly glide through knots without snapping, tugging, or damage. The extra-flexible rounded teeth gently envelop strands to separate them rather than ripping through tangles, which causes breakage. There are no metal pins or rigid plastic – just smooth, intelligent teeth that flex and adapt to curl patterns while thoroughly detangling. The seamless design prevents comb teeth from catching in hair. Suitable for all textures and lengths, this comb allows fast finger-combing without pulling, damage or irritation, leaving hair knot-free.

3. Argan Oil Infused Paddle Shine Enhancer, 1 Brush

Argan Oil Infused Paddle Shine Enhancer, 1 Brush
Argan Oil Infused Paddle Shine Enhancer, 1 Brush | Noblepuma

Bring lacklustre strands to life with this argan oil-infused paddle brush from Wet Brush. Its IntelliFlex bristles flex to gently detangle and smooth hair, while the brush’s wood paddle spreads nourishing argan oil evenly from roots to ends for smooth, frizz-free shine. The rounded bristle tips work through tangles and distribute the oil without scratching or damaging hair. The extended-length wood paddle carries more oil to thoroughly coat every strand, taming frizz and enhancing soft, touchable texture. Use on damp or dry hair to banish tangles and make hair gorgeously glossy and healthy-looking.

4. Shower Detangler, Black, 1 Brush

Allow painless finger-detangling right in the shower with this ergonomic Wet Brush Shower Detangler. Its soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through wet, conditioned tangles with ease, gently separating strands instead of pulling hair when detangling. The easy-grip handle fits comfortably in your hand, reducing strain during brushing. Small holes along the bristle base help distribute hair products evenly from root to end as you brush. By banishing tangles, as you condition, this wet brush detangler saves time, minimises breakage and makes hair smoothing easier.

5. Original Detangler Brush, Purple, 1 Brush

Original Detangler Brush, Purple, 1 Brush
Original Detangler Brush, Purple, 1 Brush | Noblepuma

This classic Wet Hair Brush Original seamlessly glides through all hair types and textures without damage using innovative IntelliFlex bristles. The ultra-soft, feather-light bristle tips flex and adapt to gently envelop strands, separating even the toughest tangles without painful pulling or friction from root to tip. Suitable for use on wet or dry hair, the flexible bristles move with the hair without causing breakage or irritation. The result is quick, effortless detangling that leaves hair smooth, frizz-free and ready to style.

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With innovative IntelliFlex bristles that gently flex and glide to separate strands, wet brushes offer a revolutionary detangling experience that prevents damage for all hair types. Their ultra-soft rounded bristle tips envelop hair to smoothly detangle without pain, breakage, or irritation like standard brushes. Choose Wet head brushes from iHerb designed for styling wet locks post-shower, distributing oils evenly to boost shine, or detangling right in the shower under running water.

The handles provide comfort and control while protecting the scalp. With fun colours and prints, wet brushes make hair care enjoyable. By banishing knots and tangles without pulling or friction, these smart brushes allow fast, easy brushing so hair looks its best. The result is quick styling and polished locks full of shine, movement, and health. For more such updates, visit Nobel puma.


What makes wet brushes better?
These brushes have flexible, intelligently designed bristles that minimise breakage and pain when brushing wet hair. The bristles glide through tangles instead of pulling.
Can a wet brush be used on dry hair?
Yes, it can be used on dry hair. The flexible bristles help detangle hair smoothly without breakage on both wet and dry hair. It’s gentler than regular brushes.
How long is the wet brush?
The length varies by model, but most are around 9-10 inches long from end to end. The brush heads themselves are commonly around 3.5-4 inches wide. The handles are slender for easy grip.

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