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Up Your Beach Style Game with Stunning Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Winters are about to end and we’ll soon be entering into the spring. Among all this, beach lovers eagerly want the winter to end and they’ll be ready to jump into their favorite bathsuits to go swimming on beaches or pools! Bathing suit cover ups are an essential element to add to your selection before diving in the world of beach fashion where your swimwear isn’t complete without the perfect bathing suit cover up. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling along the shoreline, a stylish cover up adds flair to your beach ensemble. In this blog, come along and discover the different types of cover-ups available, and pick out your favorites from our selection right here!

What are bathing suit cover ups for?

Bathing suit cover ups are stylish garments worn over swimsuits to provide additional coverage and versatility. They serve both practical and fashion purposes, allowing you to transition seamlessly from the beach or pool to other activities. Here are some popular types of bathing cover-ups:


These are lightweight, rectangular pieces of fabric that can be wrapped around the waist or tied in various ways. Sarongs come in vibrant colors and patterns, making them perfect for beach outings. You can wear them as skirts, dresses, or even halter tops.


Kaftans are loose, flowy tunics with wide sleeves. They offer excellent sun protection and are often made from lightweight materials like chiffon or georgette. Kaftans come in various lengths, from thigh-skimming to ankle-length.

Maxi Dresses

These long, flowing dresses are comfortable and elegant. They’re ideal for covering up after a swim or lounging by the pool. Look for sleeveless or short-sleeved maxi dresses in breathable fabrics.


Tunics are shorter than kaftans and can be worn as beach cover-ups. They’re versatile and can be paired with shorts, leggings, or swim bottoms. Choose between vibrant designs and plain hues.

Crochet Cover-Ups

Crocheted cover-ups add a boho vibe to your beach look. They feature intricate patterns and are often semi-sheer. Crochet dresses, tops, or kimonos are popular choices.

Beach Pants

Lightweight, wide-leg beach pants are comfortable and practical. They provide coverage while allowing airflow. Pair them with a bikini top or tankini for relaxed beach attire.

Discover stylish Bathing suit Cover ups

1. Women’s Flared Sleeve and Tied-Waist Cover-Up Top

Women's Flared Sleeve and Tied-Waist Cover-Up Top
Women’s Flared Sleeve and Tied-Waist Cover-Up Top | Noblepuma

Discover this elegant Tied-Waist Shirt Cover-Up Top with Flared Sleeves. This versatile apparel is further defined by a hint of bohemian charm from the knotted waist design and flared sleeves. This cover-up shirt provides easy style and comfort for your travels in the sun because it is made of lightweight, breathable cotton. You can wear it over your bikini or to a music festival alike. You can get it at just $27.99.

2. Swim 365 Women’s Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Cover Up

This versatile plus size bathing suit cover up can be worn on both pool and beach with a sense of comfort. Its design is also minimalist. It comes with pretty embroidery on the chest and hem that makes it more appealing. It is off-shoulder and has elbow-length sleeves thus providing breathability while also protecting your hands from sunlight. This is the best option if you’re looking for plus size bathing suit cover ups. It’s available in $60.07 only.

3. Women’s Sleeveless Cover Up Maxi Dress

Women's Sleeveless Cover Up Maxi Dress
Women’s Sleeveless Cover Up Maxi Dress | Noblepuma

Find this long bathing suit cover-up for all your chic styling while enjoying the beach.

The sleeveless shape of this cover-up maxi dress is complemented with tie detail at the waist for endless styling options. This cover-up maxi dress is made entirely of rayon and will keep you comfortable under the sun as you enjoy yourself at the pool or on the beach. It’s available for $28.00 only.

4. Women’s Tropical Dream Cover-Up Dress

This cover up maxi dress gives perfect island vibes with its colorful, tropical print design all over it. It is a perfect combo of bathing suit cover ups and a maxi dress that’s cool to wear anywhere from beaches to pool parties. This dress is sure to turn heads and keep your confidence high on the hot summer days. This is available for only $34.99.

5. Women’s Button-Up & Tie Waist Cover-Up Dress

Women's Button-Up & Tie Waist Cover-Up Dress
Women’s Button-Up & Tie Waist Cover-Up Dress | Noblepuma

The Cupshe Button-Up & Tie Waist Cover-Up is going to turn up your beach vibe. With its effortless style, it’s the perfect final flourish to your swimwear outfit when you want to look stylish and feel cozy at the same time. This cover-up dress will keep you comfortable whether you’re walking down the shore or relaxing by the pool! It’s available for $32.99 only.

6. Women’s Crochet Knit Cover-Up Mini Dress

This crochet knit cover up mini dress is the ultimate bathing suit cover up you can find. It comes with a V-neck, trendy fitted and flair silhouette, attractive cutout elements, a little hem, stylish half-button placket adornments, and traditional short sleeves. This dress is available in multiple beautiful colors so that you can pick your favorite. This cutout, mini-length cover-up dress contributes to your comfort throughout your poolside or beach activities. You can get it at just $29.99.

7. Women’s Plus Size Olivia Shibori Cover Up

Women's Plus Size Olivia Shibori Cover Up
Women’s Plus Size Olivia Shibori Cover Up | Noblepuma

If you’re looking for stylish bathing suit cover ups in plus sizes, this one can be the best choice.

The bohemian style of this tunic is reminiscent of the 1970s. Its loose fit and fringe-trimmed hem give it a carefree, carefree appearance, and its tie-dye pattern encourages you to go with the flow. front slit, button front fastening, and v-neck. Cover all of your bathing suits for a carefree beach to boardwalk aesthetic. Get it for $45.46 only.

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Don’t forget your bathing suit cover-up next time you head out for your beach day or pool hangout. There are a variety of options like sarongs, cover-up dresses, or rompers, there’s something perfect for everyone. Explore the vast selection of bathing suit cover ups at Target and find the perfect coverups for yourself that are both stylish and comfortable.  Find your style, express yourself, and enjoy the sun and water with confidence! Keep following NoblePuma for more updates and insights.


Are bathing suit cover ups suitable for all body types?
Yes, bathing cover-ups come in various styles that can complement different body types. Select the one that gives you a sense of safety and ease. 
Can bathing suit cover ups be worn in the water?
Some cover-ups are designed to be worn in the water, like cover-up dresses or skirts made of quick-drying materials. However, not all cover-ups are suitable for water activities, so check the label or description before wearing them in the water.
How do I choose the right size for a bathing suit cover-up?
Consider your usual clothing size and whether you prefer a loose or fitted look. Check the size chart provided by the brand or retailer to ensure a good fit. If in doubt, it’s often safer to go for a slightly larger size for more comfort.

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