Paris Tourist Scams

Paris Tourist Scams: Stay Safe And Secure While Traveling

Since it’s no surprise that Paris, the most visited place around the world, also has many scams that lure its visitors into. The Paris Tourist scams are some popular disadvantages that people experience while in the country. Those who are visiting Paris for the first time may likely get bluffed by any of these scam activities, especially around the popular places in the city. But these scams are not something life-threatening and therefore you need not have to worry much about them. Only good precautions are advised while touring around the places. 

Remember the only best way to avoid such Paris tourist scams is to avoid feeling insecure or scared even by traveling or get easily excited by their kind of generous services. Because this is where we get easily bluffed when we are not secure with ourselves.

Be aware of these Paris Tourist Scams and Pickpocketing 

There are a few common Paris tourist scams and pickpocketing that individuals need to keep in mind while tourism around the city. If it’s your first time you are likely to encounter one of these one way or another since these are very common phenomena to see people trying to lure visitors for money, especially in tourist places. Here are some of these Paris scam alerts to keep in mind:

1. Expert Pickpocketing

It’s a very common thing to experience pickpocketing, especially in a big city like Paris. Since the city receives a lot of visitors throughout the year, this attracts many experts to steal money or valuable items from the tourists. It’s important to keep wallets, purses, and backpacks well protected with you while passing through crowded places.  While taking public transport or at tourist attractions. This is where it tends to circumvent your stuff. You never know where these pickpockets might be lurking around. Keep your belongings close to you. Stay alert and aware while visiting the attraction sites. Since it’s a common thing for individuals to get carried away while admiring the attractions sites. Keep in mind these common Paris tourist scams.

2. Be aware of Paris Taxi Scams

Look out for taxis that are not with proper taxi signs, not taxi meters, or Eftpos machines. These taxis often approach visitors and foreigners on their own for business and try to convince them that they know the places around (whey they are) but the real Paris taxis won’t try to approach your stormy or try to compel you to get in the taxi. The best way to avoid these scams in Paris is to take a metro, public bus, or subway, or simply book an Uber. Moreover. Metro and public buses also tend to be safe and cheap to travel. Unlike Taxis which will cost a higher price. In this way, you won’t have to worry about getting scammed or spending a lot of money on a taxi.

3. Avoid the Gold ring Scam

If you are a big fan of gold or silver don’t get excited about people approaching you with lost and found gold rigs etc and offering to sell it off at a cheap price. They are not real gold or silver rings. They are completely fake and only meant to lure money out of you. This will not come as a surprise to you when you are visiting the city since they teen to be friendly and convincing. 

Or it could be the other way around where you might find the ring or any other valuable item on the ground. As soon as you pick it up the scammer will appear and ask you to take it at a cheap price. The best way to avoid this scam is to simply say no and decline the offer. It’s a waste of your time and worth nothing. The gold ring scam is one of the common Paris tourist scams to keep in mind.

4.  Avoid Friendship Bracelets 

While exploring the city there will be many things that an individual will come across. Such such approach is vendors or sellers approaching you with friendship bracelets or rings. They will friendly convenience to try on yourself and later ask you to pay for it. This is a way they make the tourist fall for it. Since the approach tends to be very tricky and friendly simply avoid interacting with street vendors or sellers. If they insist simply decline the offer and keep walking. Friendship bracelets or rings are one of the common Paris tourist scams that an individual will see while touring the attractions sites or downtown.

5. Avoid signing false Petition 

This is also a common thing that tourists experience while in the city. This type of scam tends to be found in many popular trust places as well. Likely a child or a woman will approach you will a petition to sign for donation. The paper will look authentic with a stamp or signature on it and insist you sing on it. But in return, they will ask for your money as a charity thing to do. It might also seem a humanitarian thing to do by donating but none of the money will actually go to charity. The best way to avoid such scams is to simply say no and decline the offer.

6. Avoid Fraudulent Ticket Sellers and fake Tour guides

You may likely encounter vendors selling tickets for different types. But many of these sellers are not genuine. Try to look for tickets for those vendors who are authentic. This happens at the major attraction sites and a public hub where easy transportation is found. 

Plus there are many people who claim to be Tour guides but they are not genuine. They may pretend to be real tour guides and take you around pretentiously and later demand money for the service. Look out for authentic tour guides such as Viator. 

7. Look out for Fake Restaurant prices

When eating out at a restaurant also look out for a prepper menu with proper price on it. Even try to verify the price before ordering the food. This is to avoid being scammed for heavy prices on food. If the menu has no proper price description try not to eat at the restaurant or simply confirm the price beforehand. Confirming the overall price before ordering the food helps to navigate what prices you are paying for food while eating out at restaurants.

8. Avoid free rose scams and cup games

If you get approached by people offering you free roses try to avoid getting the free rose. They are not free generally. Why would anybody offer you a free rose? Unless there is a charity going on? Once you get the rose, the scammer will demand your money for it. This might happen when you are chilling out or while touring around the city and suddenly get approached with a free rose. 

The other thing apart from being bluffed by free roses is cup games on the street. They might trigger your interest by promising a double price or winning price to earn from it. They also tend to have accomplices in the crowd who will be allowed to win a couple of times to deceive the tourists to play the game. But when they play the game the result is the opposite. The best way to avoid these scams is to simply decline the offer. Try to avoid these Paris scams.


Wherever you are traveling there are tourist scams in many forms. Individuals need to keep extra careful about any kind of approach. The above-mentioned are some of the common Paris tourist scams. One of the best ways to get bothered by such approaches is when you are traveling with a tour guide. Where your tour activities are already scheduled. Therefore, we encourage getting your booking with Viator where your tour activities are guided by the tour guides back and forth. They also help you in guiding against any such possible scams while touring around the city. For more information visit Viator and the official website of NoblePuma


How do I not get pickpocketed in Paris?
Be extra careful with your belongings and keep your bags or valuable items in public places. Plus while traveling in crowded places avoid keeping your wallets at the back of your pockets. The cross bags are great to keep your valuable items near you. 
How do I avoid tourist scams in Paris?

There are a few ways to avoid getting scammed in Paris

Be quick to decline any kind of services that you do not need.
Avoid any kind of insisting approaches.
Don’t look like you are lost or a foreigner.
Avoid speaking in English loudly in crowded places, this will not attract scammers.
Don’t be afraid to strongly decline any offer.
Take guidance from trusted local people.
Take tour guides from authentic travel guides.

Is it safe to use Uber in Paris?
Yes, Uber is completely safe to book a cab in Paris. It’s easy to keep track of your travel journey and cabs will drop you at the exact drop location. Plus since Prices is already decided before starting the ride you won’t have to go through the trouble of bargaining with the driver. Simply pay the charged amount.










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