Easyjet vs Skyscanner

Easyjet vs Skyscanner: Finding the Best Flight Booking Website

Travelling has its complexities; however, it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet when done sensibly. To plan wisely while selecting between various airline companies nowadays can get tricky compared to a few decades ago. For instance, which service do we use? Could it be Easyjet vs Skyscanner? Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer without proper knowledge & research on both sides- until now! Our goal in this informative article is to examine both platforms intricately to deliver a thorough comparative analysis that helps in picking the winner of Easyjet vs Skyscanner.

Easyjet vs Skyscanner: Easyjet, a Low-Cost Airline Option 

Easyjet vs Skyscanner Easyjet, a Low-Cost Airline Option 
Easyjet vs Skyscanner Easyjet, a Low-Cost Airline Option | Noblepuma

To keep costs down when visiting Europe while still flying comfortably, it’s worth considering travelling with Easyjet. Operating with an efficient business model coupled with flying extensively throughout Europe means that passengers can benefit from affordable direct flights.  The bonus? The airline has connections with esteemed global companies like Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines allowing you more choices when plotting your itinerary abroad. 

EasyJet offers two fare types: Standard and Flexi. The standard fare offering merely encompasses the utilisation of a seat and a single under-seat cabin bag. Additional benefits, such as checked luggage, designated seats, and extra cabin baggage, are obtainable for a separate cost. Conversely, the Flexi fare grants various advantages, including free flight modifications, one item of checked baggage, and a £7 Bistro voucher for food and drinks during the flight.

Easyjet vs Skyscanner: Skyscanner, Finding the Best Bargains

Easyjet vs Skyscanner Frequent Flyer Programs and Additional Services
Easyjet vs Skyscanner Frequent Flyer Programs and Additional Services | Noblepuma

When it comes to Easyjet vs Skyscanner, Skyscanner has been a top selection amongst globetrotters, a treasure trove of flight bargains. By leveraging Skyscanner’s capabilities, you can contrast prices across a spectrum of airlines and third-party dealers, enabling you to uncover economical alternatives. With its user-friendly interface, you can input your starting airport and final destination, and your preferred flying dates, and Skyscanner will show a catalogue of available flights. One of Skyscanner’s attributes is its adaptability. You can search for flights from any airport in your city, or even your entire country, allowing you to explore different options and potentially find more pocket-friendly fares. Furthermore, Skyscanner offers a “show whole month” functionality, which lets you gaze upon prices for each day of a selected month. This feature can aid you in discovering the cheapest days to journey, conserving even more of your hard-earned cash.

Easyjet vs Skyscanner: Frequent Flyer Programs and Additional Services

Easyjet vs Skyscanner Skyscanner, Finding the Best Bargains
Easyjet vs Skyscanner Skyscanner, Finding the Best Bargains | Noblepuma

Skyscanner and Easyjet offer frequent flyer programs that can augment globetrotters. Easyjet dispenses a loyalty program with Easyjet Plus. For a yearly fee, members can take advantage of free seat selection, dedicated bag drop, fast-track security, and extra cabin baggage allowance. Moreover, Easyjet Plus members can access priority boarding, assuring them of an earlier boarding slot and their preferred seats. It is noteworthy that Easyjet’s loyalty program centres more on enriching the travel experience than amassing miles or points for future rewards. So, if you frequently travel with Easyjet, the Easyjet Plus program can provide added convenience and perks.

Skyscanner’s Flight Club program is an exclusive, by-invitation-only scheme that furnishes its members with flight deals and privileges. It provides personalised recommendations, early-bird access to deals, and priority customer support. It’s not the customary frequent flyer program with points and miles. Nevertheless, it can still be advantageous for frequent travellers who yearn to capitalise on discounted fares.


When searching for the best deal on flights today, two search engines stand out: Easyjet vs Skyscanner, both offering outstanding features tailored toward travellers looking for affordable air travel options, regardless of their destination. Skyscanner with years of innovative service delivery has become adept at expertise in comparing prices across different airlines/third-party vendors. Thus, offering users more customised ways to save while making travel plans. It also provides an excellent interface. Hence effortless browsing through various alternate flight route options. Easyjet on the other hand operates as a unique low-cost airline primarily within Europe. It offers affordable fares, plus additional benefits via its frequent flyer program called “Easyjet Plus”. This offering is useful for travellers who fly often with Easyjet. It remains critical when booking flights through online travel search platforms like Skyscanner to practise caution when dealing with any third-party vendors. It’s important to double-verify their reliability before finalising any transactions. When in doubt about fairness or accountability consider booking directly with the airline for a more secure transaction. Ultimately picking between Easyjet and Skyscanner boils down solely to your needs: prefer travelling as affordably as possible? Then go for Easyjet! But if you strive towards comparing different airlines’ prices and exploring diverse flight options offered by them, a better option would be using Skyscanner. Consider your travel priorities and make an informed decision while picking the best flight booking website based on what suits you best with Nobel Puma.


Is there a better site than Skyscanner?
Though a multitude of websites do exist for comparing flights, Skyscanner stands out as a preeminent and trusted option. This is due to its vast array of search capabilities, its interface that is both intuitive and accessible, and its unique ability to juxtapose prices from diverse airlines and vendors.
How reliable are Easyjet?
Easyjet soars as a distinguished low-cost airline, firmly implanted in the European skies. Its safety standards are unyielding, its customer service an art form, and its punctuality a force to be reckoned with, rendering it an unwavering option for thrift-seeking adventurers.
Is it OK to fly with Easyjet?
Flying with Easyjet is generally considered safe and reliable, as the airline maintains high safety standards and operates a large fleet of modern aircraft. However, it’s important to check specific routes, flight schedules, and any additional terms or conditions before making a booking through Easyjet or any other airline.

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