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OpenVPN Portable Free: Access Anywhere, Anytime For Secure Connection

In the modern digital environment, users of the internet must build a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection that is both safe and dependable. As a top VPN provider, NordVPN uses the OpenVPN Portable Free protocol to offer reliable and secure connections between endpoints, whether for point-to-point connections between users or site-to-site networks. This thorough tutorial will examine how NordVPN uses and applies the OpenVPN protocol in detail, illuminating the particular ports and technologies that are a part of their setup. 

Moreover, if users want to set up and personalise OpenVPN on their devices, the guide offers detailed step-by-step instructions. This allows NordVPN subscribers to enjoy a smooth, personalised VPN experience tailored to their specific preferences in terms of security, speed, and accessibility.

1. OpenVPN Protocol Implementation within NordVPN: A Detailed Exploration

Understanding OpenVPN: NordVPN utilises the OpenVPN Portable Free extensively to enable secure and private VPN connections. OpenVPN is an open-source protocol renowned for skillfully implementing VPN encryption and tunnelling methods. By incorporating OpenVPN Portable Free, NordVPN provides sturdy, encrypted VPN connections that keep user data safe and confidential. NordVPN’s choice to construct its service on OpenVPN reflects its dedication to user privacy and security.

NordVPN selects OpenVPN because it combines open-source security strengths with sophisticated VPN encryption techniques. The transparent, collaborative development of OpenVPN results in a trustworthy framework for private online communication. This matches NordVPN’s promise to use cutting-edge protocols in VPN technology.

OpenVPN Ports on NordVPN: NordVPN uses both TCP and UDP for its OpenVPN Portable Free connections. The particular ports used can vary depending on user needs and the type of internet activity. TCP and UDP each have their own advantages. Understanding how NordVPN utilises both protocols gives users insight into the available options for establishing a secure VPN connection that fits their priorities. The designated ports for each protocol are as follows:

            For OpenVPN TCP Connections: Use Port 443

            For OpenVPN UDP Connections: Use Port 1194

These port configurations ensure that users can seamlessly connect to NordVPN’s servers, enjoying the benefits of a secure VPN connection over different network infrastructures. 

Using different ports for TCP and UDP shows NordVPN’s commitment to flexibility, allowing users to customise their connection based on their needs.

NordVPN lets users choose between TCP and UDP for their VPN connections, offering customization. TCP is stable for web browsing, while UDP is faster for streaming.

Users can choose which protocol to use based on their specific needs and priorities – either stability with TCP or speed with UDP. This allows customising OpenVPN setup based on individual requirements.

2. Features of OpenVPN Portable Free Connection 

  1. Works on different operating systems: OpenVPN Portable Free works with Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.
  2. Take it anywhere: As its name shows, the “portable” version lets you take OpenVPN with you on any device to connect securely from anywhere.
  3. Strong security: OpenVPN Portable Free utilises OpenSSL encryption to keep user data protected from cyber threats and attacks. This guarantees a high degree of security for communications conducted online.
  4. Easy to use: OpenVPN Portable Free is user-friendly for everyone. Whether you’re new to VPNs or experienced, its easy setup and management functions cater to all users.
  5. Customisable settings: Users can adapt things like the server setup, encryption levels, and other features to fit their needs.

3. Manual Configuration of OpenVPN with NordVPN

  1. Setting Up OpenVPN on Different Devices: NordVPN users can manually set up OpenVPN on different devices, customising their VPN connection according to their device and preferences.  The ability to manually configure OpenVPN is a key feature that sets NordVPN apart by providing more flexibility and personalization.
  2. Advanced Android Setup: For users seeking a more advanced setup on their Android devices, NordVPN provides an alternative through the OpenVPN Connect application. Follow these detailed steps:

Download Configuration Files:

  • Utilise NordVPN’s server recommendation tool to obtain configuration files.
  • Select the desired protocol and download the corresponding configuration file.

Install OpenVPN Connect: 

  • Access the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for and install the “OpenVPN Connect” application.

By opting for the advanced Android setup using the OpenVPN Connect application, users gain an alternative method to connect to NordVPN servers, providing a more intricate level of control over their VPN configurations.

NordVPN’s commitment to user flexibility and device compatibility is evident in the comprehensive manual setup options. NordVPN supports manually configuring OpenVPN on a wide variety of platforms – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. This allows customising the VPN experience based on personal preferences, regardless of device type. By giving users more control to set up OpenVPN Portable Free connection as they want, NordVPN enables personalised connections that fit individual needs. This comprehensive platform support highlights NordVPN’s commitment to user empowerment and flexibility.

4. Configuring OpenVPN on Android: A Detailed Walkthrough for Seamless Connectivity

Install the app 

First, install the OpenVPN Connect app on your Android phone by following these instructions before configuring OpenVPN:

  • On your Android device, open the Google Play Store. The shopping bag icon is used to symbolise the Play Store.
  • To access the app page, search for “OpenVPN Connect” in the Play Store search field and tap the result.
  • To download and install the OpenVPN Connect app on your device, select “Install” from the app’s page. The installation process will start as a result.

Import Configuration Files:

 Importing the configuration files required to establish a connection to NordVPN’s servers is the next step after installing the OpenVPN Connect app on your Android device. Connecting to the NordVPN network is as simple as importing these setup files. This is an essential part of setting up OpenVPN properly. Follow these detailed instructions:

  • Allow App Access: Launch the OpenVPN Connect application and select “File” to initiate the file import process. Permit the app to access the data on your smartphone that it needs to carry out the import.
  • Navigate to Downloaded Files: Go to the location (usually found in the “Downloads” folder on your device) where the OpenVPN configuration file was downloaded.
  • Choose Files and Press “Import”: Press the “Import” button after selecting the precise configuration files needed for your connection in the appropriate location. This step ensures that the application recognizes and integrates the NordVPN server settings.

Adding NordVPN Credentials

Securing your connection involves entering NordVPN service credentials, including the username and password, within the OpenVPN Connect application.

5. Follow these steps to input your credentials accurately:

Access NordVPN Service Credentials: 

Retrieve your NordVPN service credentials from the Nord Account dashboard by following these steps: 

  • Scroll down and click “Set up NordVPN manually.”
  • Retrieve the verification code from your email and enter it.
  • Copy the credentials using the designated button.

Initiating the Connection

 With the configuration files and NordVPN credentials in place, it’s time to initiate the OpenVPN connection. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless connection:

  • Toggle the Switch: After successfully configuring the connection, locate the OpenVPN profile within the application and toggle the switch next to it. This action initiates the connection process.
  • Permission Requests: The application will request the necessary VPN connection permissions. Click “Ok” to grant these permissions and continue through any additional prompts that may appear.


A successful connection will be visually confirmed through a dedicated window displaying various connection statistics. This includes data throughput and connection duration, providing assurance that your OpenVPN connection to NordVPN is active and secure.

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Mastering OpenVPN connections with NordVPN empowers users with enhanced security and privacy. Understanding the OpenVPN Portable Free protocol and its port configurations, along with the step-by-step manual setup guide, ensures a seamless and reliable VPN experience on various devices. Whether you’re a Windows user, an iOS enthusiast, or an Android expert, NordVPN’s compatibility and OpenVPN’s versatility make for a formidable combination in the realm of online security. This powerful union not only provides users with unparalleled control over their online experiences but also represents a transformative journey towards fortified digital defence and heightened privacy. For more information, visit NoblePuma


How to install OpenVPN free?
To install OpenVPN free on Windows, go to the community downloads page on and choose the openvpn-install package for your Windows version. Download it, run the installer .exe file and follow the installation wizard. That’s all you need to get it set up.
What VPN app is totally free?
There are a few free VPN apps like ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, and that offer free subscription tiers. However, these are limited in data allowance or speed. There are also apps like Psiphon that don’t limit data but may lack advanced security features.
How can I use OpenVPN for free on Windows?
The easiest way is to install the free openvpn-install package from on your Windows PC. This sets up the OpenVPN client application needed to connect using free .ovpn configuration profiles from providers like VPNBook. So you can quickly establish OpenVPN tunnels for free and secure web browsing.

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