List Of Scam Websites

Buyer Beware! Essential List Of Scam Websites You Should Know In 2024

Online shopping is convenient and has amazing prices, but watch out! Scammers with cunning set up traps that look like authentic websites. These dishonest websites lure you in with tempting offers, then take your money and personal information. Here’s the list of scam websites you should avoid clicking “buy” so you can recognize red flags and be secure when shopping online.

Understanding Scam Websites

Scam websites arе likе onlinе impostеrs. Thеsе wеbsitеs posе as trustworthy onеs to gеt your data and maybе еvеn your monеy. Thеsе might bе phoney е-commеrcе sitеs and impеrsonations of wеll known brands or еvеn wеbsitеs that infеct your dеvicе with malwarе.

Scam Websites: How They Work!

Be careful what you click online! Scam websites disguise themselves as real stores or send fake messages to steal your info or money. Here’s how they trick you:

● Phishing

Deceptive emails or texts with links lead to fake websites that look real. You enter your info, and they steal it!

● Fake Shopping

Super low prices! But these sites never deliver the goods and might steal your credit card info.

● Malware

Sneaky software hidden on these sites infects your device, stealing data or even taking control!

● Social Media Lies

Fake comments or posts on social media trick you into clicking links to this list of scam websites.

● Search Engine Scams

Deceptive ads with amazing deals appear in search results, leading you to fake websites.

● Bot Blitz

Fake accounts or automated programs flood comments with links to scam websites.

Stay safe online! If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t click suspicious links or enter personal information on this list of scam websites.

List of Scam Websites to Avoid

1. Sheingivesback[.]com

This website impersonates the popular brand Shein. Be wary of fake landing pages that try to trick you into thinking they’re official representatives.

2. (or

Reviews mention poor quality products and unresponsive customer service. Trustpilot scores below 2 stars are a red flag.


Unbelievably good deals like “buy 2, get 3 free” are often too good to be true. This tactic is a common sign of a scam.


This is a fake version of a luxury brand. Real companies usually only have one official website.


Impersonating a real retailer like Bed Bath & Beyond, this site has low Trustpilot ratings and negative online reviews.


This site lacks information about the company, raising red flags about its legitimacy.

7. Luvasti[.]com

This jewelry store uses tactics like deleted social media accounts to create a sense of urgency and trick you into buying.


The website owner hides their identity and offers anonymous payment methods, both major red flags.

9. BrookShoeOutlet[.]com

This site has a very low Trustpilot rating and numerous negative reviews mentioning receiving the wrong items.

10. Walofficials[.]com

Walmart scams are increasing, and Walofficials[.]com is just one instance. Scammers use this because they know folks tend to trust sites or calls that say they’re from Walmart.


This “Wall Art” website might look okay, but its code raises red flags. It could be hiding malware that steals your information!


While some reviews are positive, this site has low traffic and hides its owner. Proceed with caution!

13. The Zamzbuy[.]com Scam

Beware of spam emails and social media ads for this website! They lure you in with fake deals and then vanish with your money.

14. Balsam Hill Lookalikes

Balsam Hill is a real Christmas tree company, but these fake sites  (,, etc.) are scams! They’ll take your money but leave you with no tree.


Don’t be fooled by “closing sales”! This fake Wilko website has negative reviews from people who never received their orders.

Now that you are aware of this list of scam websites, stay safe and enjoy shopping online!

Fell for a Scam? Here’s What to Do Next:

Getting scammed stinks, but there are steps you can take to limit the damage:

1. Report the Scammer

Tell the FTC and anyone involved (bank, credit card company, social media platform, etc.). Report this to the police.

2. Fight Back

Scan your devices for malware using an antivirus program and use a VPN.

3. Change Those Passwords

Update all your passwords, especially for accounts with information the scammer might have gotten. Make them strong and consider using passkeys (available on some sites) for extra security.

4. Safeguard Your Credit

Concerned about the theft of identity? To your credit reports, you can add free fraud alerts or security freezes, sometimes known as credit freezes. This increases the difficulty of someone opening new accounts in your name.

How Using ExpressVPn Can Save You From This List of Scam Websites

Even if you’re careful, you might stumble upon a scam website. That’s where ExpressVPN helps! It acts as a shield for your online shopping. ExpressVPN encrypts your information, hides your location from scammers, and lets you browse safely. So you can shop with confidence, knowing your personal details are protected. Try it now!

You can purchase online with confidence and peace of mind if you combine prudence when browsing the internet with a secure VPN like ExpressVPN. Thus, be careful of this list of scam websites and enjoy your purchase!


Shopping online is convenient, but beware of these scam websites! They can steal your info or money. This list of scam websites shows some red flags to watch out for. Even careful shoppers can get tricked, so try ExpressVPN now! It encrypts your info, hides your location, and helps you browse safely – like a shield for your online shopping adventures! For more information, visit Noblepuma.


What do fake shopping websites do?
Fake shopping sites seem real but are scams. They promise super cheap prices on stuff but never send it. Sometimes they try to steal your credit card info too.
How to know if you are getting scammed online?
If you are charged twice or you are billed for something you didn’t even buy or receive then you are surely getting scammed online. Also, check the company before buying. Look up their name online with words like “scam” or “fraud” to see if others had issues. And read this list of scam websites and don’t shop from them.
How do online scams happen?
If someone has stolen your credit or debit card and misused it to buy stuff online, that’s called an online shopping scam.

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