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Find And Explore The Top Dark Web Search Engines Of 2024

The internet is obviously much bigger than just Google. When it comes to accessing the dark web, traditional search engines are not really a good choice to go about it. You’ll need specific dark web search engines that are much more secure to surf around the so-called dark web. Learn how to safely navigate the dark web and explore our carefully chosen list of the top dark web search engines. Remember to purchase a VPN if you want to browse the internet securely and be safer while using it all.

What Exactly is a Search Engine for the Dark Web?

Imagine the internet like a giant iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is the surface web, the part you see every day with Google and other search engines. This is where you find news websites, social media, and shopping sites.

Below the surface is the deep web. This is much bigger and hidden from search engines. It includes things like private emails, medical records, and anything behind a password. It’s not bad or illegal, it’s just not publicly listed.

Then there’s a tiny, even more hidden part of the deep web called the dark web. You can only get there with special software, like a secret door. This is where some illegal stuff happens, but it’s also used by people who need to stay anonymous, like journalists in risky countries.

Dark web search engines are like flashlights for this hidden part. They help you find websites on the dark web, but be careful – it’s not always a safe place to explore.

Types of Dark Web Search Engine

There are two main types of dark web search engines.

  • Filtered ones

These search engines try to block out websites that sell illegal things or have harmful content.

  • Uncensored ones

These search engines show you everything, including the bad stuff.

Both kinds of search engines are different from Google or Bing because they don’t track you or show you ads. But remember, you still need to protect yourself online when using the dark web.

Things to Consider When Surfing Dark Web Search Engines

Here are some things to remember when going on the dark web.

  • Avoid downloading anything!

Downloading files from the dark web is not advised, just as you wouldn’t pick up any old flash drive on the street. They might be virus-filled.

  • Watch out for clicks!

Not all links are as they appear. Stay clear of anything that appears suspicious before clicking.

  • Protect your personal information!

Never divulge personal information on the dark web. Make a new email that you don’t use anyplace else if you need one.

  • Purchase nothing unlawful!

On the dark web, a lot of illicit goods are for sale, and you never know who the dealers are.

  • Use a VPN!

Think of a VPN as a secret tunnel. It hides your location and makes it extra hard for anyone to track you.

Best Dark Web Search Engines to Know About in 2024

Here’s a breakdown of popular tools for searching the dark web.

  • Torch

This is similar to a popular search engine for the dark web that you may already be familiar with. It is user-friendly and has a large list of websites, but not all websites are secure.

  • Ahmia

This search engine is good for finding info about the dark web itself, and it tries to block bad websites.

  • DuckDuckGo

You would have surely heard of DuckDuckGo. It is a dark web search engine that prioritizes your privacy and secure surfing over everything. It may not find as many websites as some others, but it does not track you.

  • Haystack

This one lists a tonne of websites, but you may have to pay to view older versions of the sites and remove advertisements. It keeps your searches private, just like DuckDuckGo.

  • The Hidden Wiki

It is a directory that catalogues web pages on the dark web, similar to a library catalogue. It’s not quite a search engine. It attempts to filter malicious websites, but some may still get through.

While there are various search tools available, some of them aren’t always reliable. Other ones to be aware of are as follows.

  • Not Evil

This has a funny name, but it’s a real search engine with a lot of websites listed.

  • Candle

This one looks familiar because it works a lot like regular search engines, but it doesn’t have many websites listed.

  • Recon

This is helpful for finding things sold on the dark web, like in online stores.

  • Dark Search

This is a new search engine that’s easy to use.

  • Onion Search

This one helps you find websites that end in “.onion” which are addresses for the dark web. It says it tries to remove websites with illegal content.

Important to Remember: The dark web can be a dangerous place. Be careful what you click on and don’t expect all search engines to be perfect.

Stay Safe While Surfing the Dark Web Search Engines with ExpressVPN

Imagine the dark web is a dark alley at night. You can kind of see where you’re going, but it’s easy to bump into something unexpected. A VPN is like a flashlight for this alley. It helps you see better and avoid trouble.

Here’s why you need a flashlight (VPN) in a dark alley (dark web)

  • Extra security: Even though the dark web uses Tor to hide your tracks, a VPN adds another layer of protection, making it even harder for anyone to spy on you.
  • Hides your location: A VPN hides your internet address (like your home address) so nobody can see exactly where you are. This is important because some things on the dark web can be risky.
  • Easy to use: Setting up a VPN is pretty simple, just like turning on a flashlight. There are many options available for computers and phones.

To easily access a VPN on the dark web

  1. Get a VPN from a trusted company like ExpressVPN and explore it properly.
  2. Install ExpressVPN on your device.
  3. Once installed, launch the app and connect to the VPN.
  4. Now that you are safe and secure, open the Tor browser and start exploring the dark web using a search engine.


Finding unusual information can be facilitated by searching the dark web, but use caution. You can traverse this hidden area of the internet with the aid of dark web search engines. But remember that the dark web is not a secure place, so be cautious when working the search engine. ExpressVPN could be very useful as it offers you protection by concealing your location and safeguarding your privacy, even if it isn’t a search engine. It functions like a flashlight in this murky alley. Go to Noble Puma for more details


Which search engine works best for the dark web?
The most widely used search engine on the dark web is “DuckDuckGo,” which is integrated into the “Tor Browser.”
How large is the dark web on the Internet?
The dark web is a very small part of the Internet somewhere less than 0.01% of the Internet.
Could my data be available on the dark web?
In the event that data breaches on the surface web compromise or leak your information, it may wind up on the dark web.

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