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Create QR Codes Using A Free QR Code Generator And Get Ahead In The Game

QR codes are extremely common today. Even digital payments have become so much easier and quicker with QR codes. We often see even small vendors also using a QR code to receive payments and orders. Restaurants and cafes have left the physical menus behind as now menus can be accessed by scanning the QR codes provided at each table. Businesses that utilise the free QR code generator to make unique codes for their business effectively are already benefitting a lot! Let’s get to know the application and benefit of QR codes better along with learning how you can easily create your own QR codes using the QR code generator free.

What’s a QR code?

A QR code which stands for Quick Response Code is a unique bar code that is generated for specific purposes like making payments, opening web URLs or displaying product details and tracking information. A white background with black squares and dots arranged in a square grid makes up a QR code. These two-dimensional bar codes are simple to scan with a scanner or even the camera on a smartphone to gain instant access to anything for which the QR code has been created. Each QR code generated through the free QR code generator is unique, just like our fingerprints are! Multiple uses exist for QR codes, including time and product tracking, item and document identification, digital payments, and content linkage. People even use QR codes to provide location details, attach app download links and as an access control system.

How to use Shopify’s free QR code generator

Did you know that you can easily generate a QR code from a web URL, SMS, phone number or simple text? Using this QR code generator from Shopify, you can make quick QR codes for free without much effort. Read the steps below to know how!

  1. Visit the Shopify portal on your device, click on the Free Tools option and then click on the Free QR Code Generator option.
  2. Now you will be required to enter the details for generating the QR code.
  3. Select the data type amongst the four options provided. You can either choose the website, phone, SMS or plain text option as per the type of QR you want to create.
  4. Enter the relevant information in the next tab. If you have selected the website option then enter the web URL you want to generate the QR code for. Similarly, if you want to generate a QR for a mobile number then enter the particular mobile number.
  5. In the next step, enter an email address where you would like to receive the QR code generated through this QR code generator free online.
  6. Verify all the details you have entered and then click on the Send QR Code option below.
  7. You will soon receive an email with your uniquely generated QR code on the email address you provided. You can download and save the QR code to use it anywhere you want.

Features and Benefits of a Free QR Code Generator

Easy to use

QR codes are extremely easy to use. All one needs to do is scan the code using their phone’s camera and the code will redirect them to the attached links or information. It is completely hassle-free and time-saving as no special devices are needed to scan them nor does the scanning process take much time. Another important thing about these codes is that they can sometimes even be scanned when they are a bit damaged. If less than 30% of the code is damaged, there are chances they would still work.


Unlike many marketing tools and services, creating a QR code is totally painless in your pockets. You can simply look for a free QR code generator on Google and create unique codes for your business immediately without paying a penny. These codes mostly do not have any expiry date or duration because each code is allocated a Quick Link that stays active making the code always valid unless you delete them by yourself.

It helps in driving engagement

When it comes to driving engagement to your website or social media pages, QR codes play a crucial role. They have been used by every kind of business today to direct customers directly to the products and services they provide. These codes enable consumers to access the information related to a brand or product without manually searching for it on Google. Customers prefer scanning the QR code over manually searching for a product or website thus leading to more impressions and engagement on businesses’ websites and portals.

Versatile Usage

QR codes are one versatile kind of invention that can be incorporated anywhere. You can use a QR code to receive payments or to redirect customers to a particular product or service on your website. These codes can be used for providing subscription or registration links or to book tickets. They can even be used to display a menu in restaurants and cafes and track shipments and deliveries.


QR codes have truly revolutionised the marketing and advertising industries and helped businesses enhance their customer experiences. A simple code can do so much for you! It can increase the engagement of your website and social media pages, can help customers browse product information and details instantly, and can be used to receive instant payments and whatnot! Incorporating a QR code which you can easily make from the free QR code generator from Shopify into your business marketing and engagement strategies will not only help you increase sales but also make you appear tech-forward and smart!

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Does the QR code generated through a free QR code generator expire?
No, QR codes created through Shopify’s QR code generator do not expire until you delete them yourself.
Is using an online free QR code generator safe?
Shopify’s free QR code generator is safe to use for all. However, make sure you do not add any confidential information while creating a QR code as these codes are public and the data can be stolen easily by strangers.
How can I make a free QR code?
Shopify’s free QR code generator allows you to create as many free QR codes as you like. Just visit the Shopify website, navigate to the Free Tools section, and select the QR code generator. Enter all the required details and click on the receive QR option. You will receive the QR code on your email address as soon as you create it.









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