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Why Shopify Vs Magento Is An Important Consideration Before Choosing Either One

Creating an online store has become so much easier and affordable with so many online website-building platforms. Having a strong online presence has become a need for every business now. This can be achieved by building an online store for your brand. But when we look at online platforms where we can build our online store, we often find ourselves confused between the many options. One such debate is “Shopify vs Magento” which makes us wonder which of these will be better for building our store. Worry not, we have listed a few main points that differentiate between these two popular website-building platforms so you can choose the one that fits your requirements the best. Read this blog to learn more

Shopify vs Magento: Key Points

shopify vs magento | Nobelpuma
shopify vs magento | Nobelpuma

Ease of use

When it comes to comparing how easy or complex it is to use Shopify or Magento, hands down Shopify wins! Shopify is very easy and simple to use. You can browse through all its features without getting lost or confused hence it is very beginner-friendly. On the other hand, Magento is an open-source platform and transparent platform that is quite complex for beginners or people with zero or little coding knowledge. 


The number of integrations that Shopify vs Magento offers makes quite a difference. Shopify offers more than 6,000 integrations on its App Store meanwhile Magento has only 4,000+ integrations for the users. These integrations play a very crucial role in building your online store with more ease and convenience as you will be able to incorporate these integrations to provide more features and facilities through your online store.

Coding Experience

When drawing a comparison between Magento and Shopify, it becomes very obvious that Shopify is easy to use for anyone. When you want to use Magento, you will need coding knowledge to properly use the platform. You will need to hire a developer to create your online store through Magento. But this need is eliminated when you use Shopify for creating your online store. Shopify provides ease of creating websites without needing any coding knowledge thus making it easier for you.


Affordability is one of the key factors for comparing Shopify vs Magento. It makes a huge difference since any business that is looking to build a store online has a budget which is directly impacted by the pricing of these platforms. Shopify has proven to be less expensive than Magento when we compared the prices and the features being offered on both platforms. The additional costs on Meganto are too much while the costs of Shopify are somewhat worth it if you are able to fix it in your budget.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting | Nobelpuma
Web Hosting | Nobelpuma

It is far more difficult to find a web hosting partner on Magento whereas Shopify is known for providing the web hosting feature included in its subscription. When you look up “Shopify vs Magento coalition”, you will realise that you have to manually sign up to find a web-hosting partner on Magento which makes it troublesome. Shopify ensures you get the perks of web hosting which further helps in an easy set-up of your online store.


Security is of utmost importance for anyone especially when online frauds have grown so much. Both Shopify and Magento offer the highest security for your online store and your customer data. Shopify uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect your customer’s information and keep it safe and secure from online data breaches. It also provides two-factor authentication and fraud protection to make sure your data is shielded from any fraud or hacking online. Magento also offers SSL encryption and two-factor authentication along with PCI compliance which can reassure the merchants that their data will be kept safely.

Pros and Cons: Shopify vs Magento


Shopify vs Magento



  • Magento is a completely open-source and transparent platform for all
  • New APIs can be easily integrated on the go
  • Offers higher scalability for your business
  • Multilingual support
  • A secure platform for your online store
  • Multichannel selling
  • Good sales features
  • It is very easy to set up 
  • No prior coding knowledge required
  • Offers reliable web hosting
  • Has more than 6,000 integrations
  • You can list unlimited products
  • 100+ payment options available
  • Optimized for web and mobile both
  • 150+ templates to use 
  • Highly secure with SSL encryption and two-factor authentication 
  • It is way too complex for the beginners
  • It has a lot of additional costs
  • Does not provide reliable web hosting
  • A limited number of templates
  • Requires a developer to operate the platform
  • Only a few templates are free to use
  • Customisation is limited in some cases as compared to others
  • Could be costly for people with less budget


We frequently find ourselves unsure about which to choose when comparing Shopify vs Magento. Both Shopify and Magento have a lot to offer to the people who want to build their online stores. Magento has a complex interface which is suitable for being used by professionals and big organisations. Shopify can be used by anyone with or without coding knowledge for building simple and creative websites.  It is definitely a better option because it has a lot of integrations to offer and also provides free web hosting with its subscription. You even can use Shopify if you want to build any kind of online store for your business.

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Which is better: Shopify vs Magento,?
Which platform is better will depend on the kind of store you want to build, your budget and your expertise in coding. Shopify is easy to use and offers easy integrations and ample features to build an online store without much complexity or confusion. Magento is a bit complex for beginners and has limited integrations along with high additional costs.
Why do people use Magento?
Magento is an e-commerce website builder that offers a variety of capabilities and features to build a high-end website. It is used for big organizations that need complex coding to maintain their large databases.
How many integrations do Magento and Shopify have?
Magento offers 4,000+ integrations and extensions while Shopify has more than 6,000 integrations in its App Store.


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