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Easyjet vs Ryanair: Analyzing the Rivalry of Europe’s Budget Airlines

EasyJet vs Ryanair – when it comes to the best flight booking platform, two leading budget airlines in Europe have an unending rival battle that we’ll dissect in this article. We’ll navigate through their fierce contest for dominance in convenience and customer satisfaction – get set for a riveting journey! After having experienced separate flights with both carriers – one being my journey from Amsterdam to London through EasyJet while the other was ‘London-Dublin’ via Ryanair, I observed intriguing differences that we’ll examine further in this article.

EasyJet vs Ryanair: A High-Level Overview of the Stingiest Airlines

EasyJet and Ryanair seek to transport passengers across Europe at a reasonable price point. Despite their common goal, they have contrasting approaches that make for compelling analysis. Here are several salient parallels and divergences between these two airlines:


  • Both airlines operate a single aircraft type or family.
  • They have comparable fleet sizes, with approximately 300 aircraft each.
  • Both employ highly restrictive and peculiar check-in procedures. For instance, EasyJet charges a hefty fee if you check in at the airport after checking in online, aiming to minimize airport staff. Ryanair, on the other hand, has its peculiarities, such as requiring passengers to check in at the airport, even if they have already checked in online.
  • They both utilize secondary airports to reduce costs, often requiring passengers to brave the elements while boarding.


  • EasyJet operates Airbus A320 series aircraft (A319, A320, and A321), while Ryanair exclusively operates the Boeing 737-800.
  • EasyJet is a British airline based in London, while Ryanair is an Irish airline based in Dublin.
  • Ryanair serves more destinations, currently flying to 255 compared to EasyJet’s 136.
  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryanair had 17,000 employees, while EasyJet had 15,000.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: Culinary Experience

Culinary Experience
Culinary Experience | Noblepuma

When it comes to food, neither EasyJet nor Ryanair will win any gourmet awards. However, let’s explore their offerings:

1. EasyJet Food

The food on EasyJet flights can be compared to what you would find at a concession stand in a sports venue. While it may not be of high quality or particularly appealing, it is available at a significant cost. The menu options may entice you with attractive pictures, but be prepared to pay exorbitant prices for underwhelming snacks.

2. Ryanair Food 

Ryanair takes frugality to another level with its food options. Instead of printed menus, you are required to have the Ryanair app on your phone to access the menu. This cost-cutting measure may not be convenient for passengers without the app. Considering the limited options and high prices, you might think twice before splurging on a bag of chips and a cookie.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: Seating and Comfort

Comfort is often sacrificed in the world of budget airlines, and both EasyJet and Ryanair adhere to this principle:

1. EasyJet Seating Options

EasyJet offers different seating options, but the seats themselves remain the same. Standard seating provides the most basic experience, while premium seating grants perks like extra legroom and priority boarding.

2. Ryanair Seating Options

Ryanair’s seating configuration mirrors that of EasyJet, with no significant differences in seat quality. However, Ryanair’s seats are often considered less visually appealing, with a reputation for being particularly unattractive.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: Boarding Process

Boarding procedures of EasyJet and Ryanair are quite distinct, adding to the overall experience:

1. EasyJet Boarding

EasyJet generally follows a zone-based boarding system, where passengers are assigned specific zones based on their seat location or ticket type. Boarding typically begins with passengers seated at the rear of the aircraft and progresses towards the front. However, one notable characteristic of EasyJet is its frequent use of outdoor boarding via airstairs, even when jet bridges are available. This method can be inconvenient, especially during inclement weather.

2. Ryanair Boarding

Ryanair takes a no-nonsense approach to boarding. Passengers are divided into priority and non-priority groups, with priority passengers, granted earlier boarding. Similar to EasyJet, Ryanair often opts for outdoor boarding using airstairs, regardless of the availability of jet bridges. This practice is another cost-saving measure for the airline.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service | Noblepuma

Both EasyJet and Ryanair maintain minimalistic customer service approaches, focusing on efficiency and cost-cutting:

1. EasyJet Customer Service

EasyJet’s customer service is primarily digital and self-service oriented. They encourage passengers to handle most tasks, such as check-in and baggage management, through their online platforms. While you can reach out to customer support if necessary, it is often quicker and more convenient to utilize their digital resources.

2. Ryanair Customer Service

Ryanair approaches customer service in a style akin to EasyJet, with a focus on empowering passengers to serve themselves. They place a high value on virtual interactions and urge their clientele to take advantage of their digital platform for any required support. But it is worth mentioning that Ryanair has weathered its share of criticism in the past concerning its capacity to respond to customer needs and its propensity to charge extra for some services.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: Pricing

Both airlines pride themselves on offering low-cost fares, but it’s essential to consider the hidden costs that can add up:

1. EasyJet Pricing

EasyJet implements a mercurial pricing scheme that is highly sensitive to demand and the timing of booking. Although their base fares may seem competitive, the ancillary charges for amenities such as preferred seating, luggage allotment, and in-flight nourishment can exert an outsized influence on the ultimate expense of your excursion.

2. Ryanair Pricing

Ryanair is recognized for its dirt-cheap fares, frequently proclaimed with eye-catching advertising. Nevertheless, comparable to EasyJet, added fees for amenities such as luggage, seating arrangements, and airport check-ins can considerably augment the final expense. It’s paramount to meticulously scrutinize and comprehend the stipulations to sidestep any astonishments.

EasyJet Vs Ryanair: The Stingiest Airline Champion

In the stinginess showdown, it’s a daunting task to crown a winner between EasyJet and Ryanair. Both airlines showcase their expertise in penny-pinching manoeuvres, proffering competitive rates while maintaining a bare-bones approach to customer service.

EasyJet and Ryanair exhibit congruence in their fleet assemblage, employment of secondary aerodromes, and rigorous check-in protocols. However, they diverge in their aircraft models, home base sites, destination networks, and select operational procedures.

In regards to food, seating, boarding rituals, and customer service, both air carriers prioritize efficiency and cost-curbing tactics. While they may not dispense the most opulent experience, they strive to transport you from A to B at the most economical price.


The choice between EasyJet and Ryanair hinges on individual inclinations, priorities, and the specific itinerary you intend to embark on. Take into account factors such as fares, luggage requisites, seat preferences, and supplementary amenities to arrive at an informed and customized resolution that aligns with your demands and financial status on your next flight to Noble Puma.


Are easyJet and Ryanair the same company?
EasyJet and Ryanair are separate low-cost airlines with distinct operations, networks, and pricing strategies. EasyJet, a British airline, operates flights to various European destinations, including Greece, offering affordable fares with additional services. Ryanair, an Irish airline, focuses on budget fares and operates flights to Greece and other European countries. Travellers often choose between the two based on factors like flight availability, routes, schedules, and personal preferences.
Who is better, easyJet or Ryanair?
This is a highly subjective matter, as the answer relies entirely on the individual’s unique preferences, needs, and priorities about factors such as ticket prices, locations, customer service, and overall travel experience.
Is Ryanair bigger than easyJet?
Indeed! When it comes to EasyJet vs Ryanair, Ryanair is often considered the larger of the two airlines, boasting a larger fleet and a higher number of passengers. However, the specifics of this comparison may vary depending on the timing and the metrics utilized for evaluation.

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