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The Good Fight is the spin off of the acclaimed TV Show The Good Wife- a legal and political drama television series that aired from 2009 to 2016. The show was created by Michelle King, Robert King, and Phil Alden Robinson. n a world fraught with challenges from social inequality to environmental degradation the call to action has never been clearer. The phrase the good fight resonates deeply embodying the noble struggle for justice empowerment and positive change. The show follows the story of Diane Lockhart, a retired lawyer and former colleague of Alicia Florrick, who loses her life savings due to a financial scam, post which, she joins the predominantly African-American law firm Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, facing challenges to adapt to a new work environment and rebuild her career. As they handle increasingly complex and contentious cases, the company navigates shifting political environments, technological advancements, and internal conflicts. Diane delves deeper into activism and social justice initiatives, frequently clashing with the more circumspect methods used by her coworkers. Let’s find out what the series is all about.

The Good Fight- Plotline

The Good Fight- Plotline
The Good Fight- Plotline | Noblepuma

In “The Good Fight,” which takes place in the midst of Chicago’s legal scene, Diane Lockhart and her goddaughter Maia Rindell are thrust into a tumultuous adventure. The victims are compelled to leave Lockhart, Deckler, Gussman, Lee, Lyon, Gilbert-Lurie, Kagan, Tannebaum& Associates after losing their lives and Maia’s reputation in a tragic financial hoax. The two settle into their new positions at the renowned Black-owned law firm Reddick, Boseman& Kolstad, which is well-known in Illinois for handling police brutality cases.

As Diane, Maia, and Lucca Quinn adjust to their new work environment, the show explores significant social themes. Modern politics are critically examined in light of issues like the alt-right, the #MeToo movement, online harassment, and false news. The lifelong Democrat is attempting to get past the political climate and the impact of the Trump administration on Diane’s personal and professional life. Lucca, who excels in law, juggles a romantic relationship with US Attorney Colin Morello.

How Did The Good Wife End?- The Finale of The Good Wife Explained

(This section contains spoilers)

The Good Wife concluded in 2016 after seven seasons but not before a riveting series finale. With a symbolic act of great significance—a momentous slap—the series’ finale poignantly concludes Alicia Florrick’s seven-season journey while also drawing similarities to its origin. The crux of the story is Alicia’s development as it takes place in the midst of complex legal processes and personal problems.

Alicia and her associates begin the last hour by trying to influence Connor Fox with a complicated legal maneuver concerning Peter’s plea offer. But in the Locke case, the jury adds a fresh piece by asking to hear the victim’s 911 call. Lucca asks Jason for help, and Jason finds a ringtone hint that might indicate someone else was there when the crime was being committed.

Beyond the confines of the courtroom, Alicia considers her connections with Jason and Peter when making decisions. One with Jason, one with Peter, and a heartbreaking one with her late beloved Will are the three envisaged futures. These introspections heighten the profound emotional impact of Alicia’s voyage.

With the court struggle heating up, Alicia must deal with a moral dilemma as she considers the possibility of Peter’s guilt. Alicia is compelled to put her family’s welfare ahead of her business ties due to the added complexity caused by a strategic move involving Diane.

As Alicia imagines a dialogue with Will, who has passed away, the story takes an unexpected turn, highlighting the lasting effects of previous decisions. The tension in the courtroom grows as new information on missing bullets and contradictory testimony is revealed.

As Alicia’s affections for Jason develop, she must also contend with the possibility of guilt on Peter’s part. The intricacies of the legal system reflect her complex personal life and force her to face unsettling realities. As the trial progresses, Alicia’s choices impact several alliances, forcing her to make a difficult choice that puts her friendship with Diane to the test.

Alicia stands alone at the end of the series, reflecting the first smack. As her future becomes more clouded, viewers are left to ponder the multi-layered impact of this strong protagonist. A fitting farewell to one of the most captivating programs on television, The Good Wife’s finale expertly interweaves legal drama, contemplation, and emotional complexity.

What Was The Last Season of The Good Fight About?

What Was The Last Season of The Good Fight About?
What Was The Last Season of The Good Fight About? | Noblepuma

The Good Fight’s poignant final season uses an escalating alt-right protest and an enigmatic countdown to heighten the suspense in its potent and timely narrative. These components are expertly woven into the plot of the Paramount+ series to create a suspenseful atmosphere. Contrary to expectations, Reddick& Associates doesn’t experience a catastrophic event as the doomsday clock approaches 11/10. Instead, Donald Trump announced his 2024 presidential campaign on this very day, November 10, which is a profound revelation that marks the series ‘conclusion. The unexpected turn serves as a sobering reminder that the series is an ongoing battle with unanticipated turns against societal and political challenges, leaving viewers with an impactful and thought-provoking conclusion.

Where To Stream The Good Fight?

Visit Paramount+, the only streaming service that offers the entire series, to watch The Good Fight’s riveting legal drama. The intense courtroom battles, nuanced relationships, and unforgettable conclusion of Diane Lockhart’s journey are all available to viewers of Paramount+. 


The spinoff, “The Good Fight,” gracefully continued the legacy by exploring current issues and societal challenges to create a moving story centered on Diane Lockhart and her friends. Exploring issues like racial injustice, online harassment, and political unrest, the series walked through convoluted legal scenarios, moral conundrums, and personal transformations. The symbolic slap that marked the end of Alicia Florrick’s journey in “The Good Wife” echoed the series ‘inception and emphasized the important choices she made. You can easily stream the series on Paramount+ today! 

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Does Diane divorce Kurt in The Good Fight?
No. Diane does not divorce Kurt at the end of The Good Fight.
Why is Alicia not in The Good Fight?
Alicia did not feature in the series because Julianna Margulies reportedly did not get the pay she asked for.
Is The Good Fight based on true events?
No, it is not based on true events. 

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