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Discover the Beauty of Croatia: Book Your Flights to Croatia Today

Want to travel to Croatia? Many people opt for holidays in Croatia, and the reasons are visible. At least 2000 km of Dalmatian Coastline, which is shiny and drenched in the sun, waits for sun worshippers and wants to be explored. Many tourists get dazzled by the beach views, turquoise waters and dazzling summer climate, which make them overlook the inland area. Croatia has suave cities, ancient ruins, unimaginable national parks, and untapped ski resorts. Regardless of the reason for your visit to Croatia, you can take some time to enjoy the picturesque views. Want to know more about flights to Croatia? Let’s explore a few flights that the Easyjet platform offers.

Best Deals on Flights to Croatia with Easyjet

Looking for affordable flights to Croatia? A few flights to Croatia are as follows:

1. Cheap Flights from Bristol to Pula

Cheap Flights from Bristol to Pula
Cheap Flights from Bristol to Pula | Noblepuma

It is one of the cheapest flights to Croatia. The fares begin from 26.99 pounds.  Easyjet flights directly travel to Pula from Bristol and take around two hours and 20 minutes. You can use the low-fare finder tool to book flights to Croatia at reasonable rates. You can enter your departure and arrival destination in the boxes provided and click the find low fares option. The results page will show a graph showing the monthly cheapest fares per person. You can select one option, and a graph will appear asking you to select a date. The date graph shows daily prices per person. After you select your travel date, a third graph will emerge, asking you to select your time. After you select your time, a box will emerge on the right-hand side of your computer screen, which shows the departure and arrival timings. Here, you can book your flight to Croatia.

2. Cheap Flights from London Luton to Split

The flight time to Croatia from London Luton to Split is around two hours and 35 minutes and is a non-stop and direct flight. You can check the low-fare finder to book affordable flights from London Luton to Split. The Split Airport, also called the Resnik Airport, is the second busiest Croatian Airport after the main airport in the capital city. The fares on this route begin at 25.99 pounds. You can compare the regular airline departures, good value costs, and availability in the coming months. You can choose the month, time, and date and click search to find flights to Croatia. After the search results emerge, you can check the flight prices and book affordable ones.

3. Cheap Flights from Manchester to Dubrovnik

Cheap Flights from Manchester to Dubrovnik
Cheap Flights from Manchester to Dubrovnik | Noblepuma

The flights from Manchester to Dubrovnik take around two hours and fifty minutes. Check the Easyjet platform low fare finder to book affordable flights to Dubrovnik from Manchester. The prices on this route start from 26.99 pounds. The airport in Dubrovnik is a primary destination for leisure flights during the summer holidays in Europe. You can select your travel month, date and timings from the graph, which shows the most reasonable monthly and daily fares per person. The graph timing shows each flight on the day you want to travel to Croatia. You can select the time of your choice and book your flight accordingly.

4. Cheap Flights from Glasgow to Split

The Easyjet flights from Glasgow to the Croatian city Split are among the most affordable flights to Croatia from the United Kingdom. The airport in Split extends to the nearest Trogir town. No matter which city you want to explore in Croatia, if you select Split as your arrival destination and stay at a hotel in Trogir, you can explore a new town. Direct and non-stop flights to Split from Glasgow usually take around three hours or 3 hours and ten minutes. On the other hand, Easyjet flights to Split from Glasgow with one stop in between taking around five hours and 25 minutes to seven hours and ten minutes. A few one-stop flights can also take six or nine hours and 35 minutes. Search for cheap flights to Croatia, enter your travel dates and time and book your flight accordingly.

5. Cheap Flights from London Gatwick to Zadar

Cheap Flights from London Gatwick to Zadar
Cheap Flights from London Gatwick to Zadar | Noblepuma

You can check the low fare finder on Easyjet to book affordable flights to Zadar from London Gatwick. The flight fares on this route begin at 30.99 pounds. You can compare the daily flight departures and find the best value prices and availability. Two hours and 28 minutes is the average flight time to reach Zadar from London Gatwick. You can select your travel date, time, month, departure and arrival location and search for flights to Croatia. After entering the variables, the results page will show a one-way flight with the departure and arrival time, number of passengers and overall price. You also add and book the return flight.

Why Travel to Croatia?

Travel to Croatia because of the following reasons:

  • Exploring contemporary boutiques and incredible art galleries of the country’s capital city
  • Emerald national parks, refreshing waterfalls, bountiful vineyards, traditional villages, etc
  • Less travelled and explored mountainous regions of Croatia
  • Try the delicious local cuisine. 


Are you searching for flights to Croatia? You can visit the official portal of Easyjet and book your flights. It is an online booking portal where you can book flights and holiday packages. The platform has a few cost-effective deals that help you save money. Irrespective of the nature of your trip to Croatia. Easyjet helps you book flights to Croatia at affordable rates. While searching for flights on Easyjet, you will find several options. No matter which airport you select as your arrival location, you will encounter numerous flight options daily. You can make your journey and a trip to Croatia by booking flights and holiday packages through Easyjet. For more details about flights to Croatia, refer to the Noble Puma guides.


What is the cheapest month to visit Croatia?
If you’re on a limited budget, book your trip during the winter, when off-season rates are available. Off-season (December to February) is generally the most affordable time to visit Croatia.
Where is the best place to fly to in Croatia?
Croatia offers stunning destinations like Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hvar, and Rovinj. These coastal cities boast ancient architecture, modern amenities, and beautiful beaches. Zagreb’s rich cultural heritage, parks, and nightlife make it a popular destination.
Can you fly direct to Croatia?
Croatia offers direct flights from several international airports, including Zagreb Airport, Split Airport, Dubrovnik Airport, Zadar Airport, and Pula Airport. These airports provide flights from major carriers and low-cost airlines, offering a range of options for travelers seeking direct flights to Croatia. Zagreb Airport is the largest and busiest, offering direct flights to numerous European and intercontinental destinations.

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