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How You Can Connect To Global Valorant Servers To Unlock The Shooter Game

Valorant is a game that has had the public raging ever since its inception in the 2000s, courtesy of its major amalgamation of cinematic gameplay, and riveting PvP matches on intrinsic maps- against the backdrop of a free to use platform. It was extremely accessible to everyone- not everyone though; Valorant is a popular game, but it has not been released in many parts of the world. We will help you figure out how you too can unlock Valorant servers and play the game for yourself. 

What Is Valorant?

Riot Games’ free first-person tactical hero shooter Valorant is only for Windows. Valorant uses Counter-Strike elements including the purchase menu, spray patterns, and reduced accuracy when moving.

Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where teams fight tactically. Futuristic setting for the game. Agents, characters from different nations and cultures, are played by players. The primary game type assigns five players to either the offensive or defensive team. Agents’ skills require charges, while their ultimate ability requires charges from kills, deaths, orbs, or objectives. Players begin each round with a “classic” firearm and a variable amount of “signature ability” charges. Players must regulate automatic and semi-automatic weapons firing patterns for precise shooting.  An in-game economic system awards cash based on the previous round, kills, and goals to buy weapons and ability charges.

Use your own style and considerable knowledge in a global, competitive market. Your team has 13 chances to attack and defend using precision marksmanship and strategy. Since you only have one life every round, you must outperform your opponent in cognitive processing to survive. Battle opponents in Competitive, Unranked, Deathmatch, and Spike Rush modes.

Users receive 5 available agents upon account creation. Kingdom Credits, in-game money, are needed to unlock the remaining agents. Kingdom Credits may be earned through gaming or daily/weekly tasks. Use these credits to unlock agents or buy cosmetics. During the first 28 days following its release, new Agents may only be accessible via Valorant Points (VP), Agent Recruitment Events, or a game-related Xbox Game Pass membership. 

How To Access Valorant Servers In Different Regions?

valorant servers
valorant servers

A VPN is needed to change your location to one that actually supports Valorant servers. Why is a VPN used for this? Unless an issue confines you to your current zone, the developer of Valorant had previously marked that you cannot possibly alter your location on the game- which, is true- but to an extent.

There is one thing that is premeditated- the procedure cannot be done without a VPN. Using a VPN changes your IP address by connecting to a foreign Valorant server. This will make the game think your updated IP address in a different country is your real location. You will, however, need a respected provider with high speeds, a large selection of nations, and stable connections, because one is just not cutting it for the standards of the game itself.

How To Use VPN to connect to different Valorant servers

For some Valorant players, entering the game from elsewhere may create new challenges. Using a VPN can let you bypass geographical restrictions and connect to Valorant servers in different countries. This is great for travelling, playing on foreign servers, or seeing the game from a different perspective.

First, choose a reliable VPN provider with servers in your intended Valorant servers or gameplay locations. ExpressVPN is a popular VPN that offers you over 2000 servers in 105 countries; all with fast, reliable, and secure connections. After subscribing to the ExpressVPN service, download and install its software on your Valorant-accessing device.

Use the VPN to connect to a server in the location where you want to play Valorant. You can choose from the US, Europe, Asia, or any other VPN-compatible region. You might be tempted by a free VPN to access the game, but be aware that free VPN servers may increase latency. Therefore, try several Vealorant servers to get the best speed and stability on a secure service like ExpressVPN. Use it now!

You can now open the Valorant software and log in after creating your VPN connection. The game will now recognize your IP address as coming from your VPN server’s location, giving you access to its servers and matchmaking features.

What Valorant Servers Are Accessible To You?

  • Brazil (BR)
  • Europe (EU)
  • Korea (KR)
  • Latin America (LATAM)
  • North America (NA)
  • Southeast Asia/Asia-Pacific (AP)


  • Players cannot transfer from South Korea to Japan.
  • Players who want their RoR relocated to South Korea must create a new account.
  • Players need Vietnamese permanent status to move RoR to Vietnam.
  • Players cannot change their RoR to China; gamers must create a new account for that area.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get ExpressVPN To Connect To Valorant Servers

ExpressVPN has held a reputation as one of the most stable VPN services available in the market. As we mentioned earlier, it holds around 2000 servers in 105 different countries, which truly reflects the sheer marker of its potential. Here are 6 reasons why you, too, should get ExpressVPN to connect to Valorant Servers- 

  • Strong security

Obfuscate your IP address to avoid DDoS attacks. ExpressVPN has 256-bit AES encryption, leak protection, a kill switch, and split tunnelling.

  • Secure connection

Access high-quality data transmission capability without restrictions. Use VPN servers in 105 countries to reduce latency and network delays.

  • Bypass throttling.

Prevent your ISP from purposely slowing your internet. Using a VPN protects your data from being seen, reducing bandwidth loss. To explore more, click here! 

  • Increase internet access

Get the latest DLC and games from early launch nations. Play games independent of local censorship.

  • Compatible with all devices

On PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and other compatible devices, access desired material without restrictions.

  • Borderless game

You can effortlessly transfer locations and play with friends.


VPNs are well-known for bypassing regional limitations and optimising this intriguing tactical shooter game’s potential. Players can simply connect to Valorant servers in multiple countries and regions with a secure VPN provider like ExpressVPN. This lets players observe the game from new angles, try new metagames, and join worldwide competitions. Try it now!

Strategic VPN use will benefit committed Valorant ecosystem players as the ecosystem matures to explore new regions and participate in this popular esports game’s ever-changing world.

For more information on gaming servers and VPN uses, visit Noble Puma


What servers are available in Valorant?
Valorant is available on Brazil, Europe, Korea, Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia/Asia-Pacific servers.
Is there a Valorant Asia server?
Yes. There is a Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific server available for Valorant.
How to play Valorant on US servers from the United Kingdom?
You can connect to a VPN to play on US Valorant Servers from the United Kingdom.

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