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Revamp Your Living Area With An Affordable Coffee Table And Side Table Set

Using a coffee table and side table set to decorate your living space makes a colourful centre of interest for the guests and friends. Your room can be wonderfully enhanced with chic coffee tables, accent tables, console tables, and contemporary centre table designs. Effortlessly blend style and coffee with these essential coffee and side tables to redefine the appearance of your living space. These tables enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living area while fulfilling a practical need. They also give a touch of elegance. Examine your possibilities to give your decor a boost. 

How to Choose the Coffee table and side table set

Selecting the ideal coffee table and side table set for the living room should not be difficult, yet it sometimes is. The following advice will help you choose the ideal coffee table for your living room.

1. Acknowledge the size and proportion of your room

As a general guideline, your coffee table should be proportionate to the size of your space and sofa. Select a coffee table that is proportionate to the other pieces of furniture in the space and no more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. 

2. Know the shape and size you want

Think about the decor of your living room! While squares or rectangles work well in larger settings, round tables are more appropriate for smaller settings. Feels like the modern era? Select streamlined lines. Choose elaborate details for the coffee table and side table set.

3. Evaluation of functionality

Think about why you have a coffee table and side table set in your living room. Selecting a coffee table with integrated drawers or shelves is recommended if you intend to utilise it for storage. Consider getting a coffee table with rounded edges for your child’s safety if you have little children.

4. Check your budget

Before beginning your coffee table purchase, decide on a budget. Coffee tables made of sheesham wood are more affordable than those made of other materials, but they are also more robust and long-lasting.

Consider Adding These Coffee Table And Side Table Set

Target offers some of the best coffee table and side table set of 3 that can make your living room look rich and worthy for decor. Here are a few options.

1. 3 PC Jennifer Cabriole Legs Coffee and Side tables 

3 PC Jennifer Cabriole Legs Coffee and Side tables 
3 PC Jennifer Cabriole Legs Coffee and Side tables | Noblepuma

Use the gorgeous Jennifer 3-Piece Coffee Table and Side Table Set to completely revamp your living area. This set, which blends solid wood and veneer, exudes traditional appeal and durability with its deep dark cherry finish. With measurements of 48″ x 18″ x 24″, the large coffee table provides plenty of surface room for décor and beverages. Two matching end tables, measuring 22.25″ x 21.25″ x 20.25″, are also included in the set, offering more options for storage and display. This set gives a timeless beauty to any area with its elaborate details and traditional cabriole leg shape. All tools and instructions are included for your convenience, but adult assembly is required.

2. 3 PC Galway Wood Top and Charcoal Gray Metal RoundCoffee in and 2 side table set

Improve your living room with the Galway 3-piece table set from Powell. This rustic farmhouse set includes circular tables, including a classic touch. The charcoal brown oak polish tabletops offer ageless excellence, whereas the charcoal grey metal bases add a modern bend. Created from strong materials with a multi-step wrap-up, the set is built to last and has a polished look. Assembly is simple, so you’ll appreciate your modern furniture quickly. The coffee table measures 36.5 inches in breadth and 18 inches tall, whereas the two end tables are 24.25 inches in diameter and 24 inches high.

3. 2 Pc Forth Square Nesting Side tables set

2 Pc Forth Square Nesting Side tables set
2 Pc Forth Square Nesting Side tables set | Noblepuma

Lift your living room with the Fort Worth Square Nesting Side Table Set! These useful and strong tables feature a sleek square design with a high-quality wood wrap-up that suits any décor. The black-coated steel legs include timeless chic. Ideal for social get-togethers, they can be settled together or separated for versatility. The small table is inserted perfectly under the larger one to spare space. With smooth surfaces ideal for books, drinks, or decor, this easy-to-assemble set could be a must-have for any smart home.

4. Bridgton Wood Living room set of coffee table and side table set in 3 Pc

Bridgton Wood Living room set of coffee table and side table set in 3 Pc
Bridgton Wood Living room set of coffee table and side table set in 3 Pc | Noblepuma

Upgrade your living room with the Bridgton 3-piece set, including a warm cherry-stained pinewood construction. The set incorporates a coffee table with a spacious 45″ x 26″ top, idealize for drinks and snacks, and a helpful lower rack for books or magazines. Two 20.5″ x 20.5″ square end tables complement the coffee table, offering additional surface area and open sideboards for an airy feel. This timeless ensemble combines modernity and usefulness, making it a perfect expansion to any living space.


In the end, coffee table and side table sets provide your living area style and utility. When selecting your set from Target, take size, form, functionality, and price range into account. Target provides a range of looks, from the classic Jennifer set to the cutting-edge Galway set. The ideal coffee and side table set is waiting to improve your living area, whether you go for nested tables or a whole 3-piece set. So select yours to renovate a place or a newly made home from the given options. 

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What distinguishes a coffee table from a side table?
Although the terms “side table” and “coffee” are sometimes used together, their height is the primary distinction. A side table is usually found seated by the seat arm, whereas a coffee table is usually low and long, usually positioned in front of a sofa or group of armchairs.
Do coffee and side tables have to match?
Side tables and coffee don’t need to match! In terms of material or style, they can complement one another, yet mismatched tables can provide visual appeal.
Can you have a side table as a coffee table?
Although a round side table makes a fantastic substitute for a coffee table, not all spaces can accommodate a perfectly round surface.
Are side tables taller than coffee tables?
Compared to end tables, coffee tables are often lower and larger. The majority of the time, end tables are positioned at the end of the sofa, roughly at the armrest’s height.

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