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Maximise Your Space: Find the Ideal Small Bedside Table with Drawers

You don’t nee­d a big place to enjoy good style or practicality. Ofte­n, amazing things come in tiny sizes! This is true for be­dside tables. These­ useful items give you a pe­rfect place for your night-time ne­eds, without taking up extra room. It doesn’t matte­r if you like cool and trendy or cosy and country-style, this article offers the ideal small bedside table with drawers to match your bedroom’s personality.

Designs and Styles for a Small Bedside Table with Drawers

A small bedside table with drawers comes in a variety of designs and styles to suit any taste and décor. Here are some popular options:

1. Modern Minimalist

These simple, elegant tables frequently have neutral colour schemes, geometric shapes, and clear lines. They usually have a smooth surface top to look clutter-free and one or two drawers. In this design, materials like glass, metal, or glossy wood are frequently used.

2. Rustic Farmhouse

For a cosy and inviting feel, a rustic bedside table with drawers offers a perfect solution. Think natural wood finishes, distressed textures, and maybe even metal hardware accents. These tables might have one larger drawer or two smaller ones, often with simple knobs or pulls.

3. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian design is characterized by light wood tones, tapered legs, and hidden drawers. It is well-known for its utility and clean lines. The goal of these tables is to maximize storage capacity without sacrificing style.

4. Chic Style

Raw materials and bare features are embraced by the industrial chic style. Envision a bedside table featuring distressed wood drawers, a metal frame, and possibly even exposed rivets. These tables are ideal for a bachelor pad or a modern industrial loft because of their strong and edgy vibe.

5. Multipurpose

Some compact bedside tables go above and above by including extra functions like laptop pull-out trays, built-in shelving, and charging stations. These are an excellent choice for optimizing both area and usefulness in a small space.

Material to Consider for a Small Bedside Table with Drawers

1. Solid Wood

The most resilient choice, with a classic appearance and long lifespan. Pine, walnut, and oak are common options. If you intend to move the table frequently, take into account the weight of solid wood.

2. Engineered Wood

Though less expensive than real wood, engineered wood is nonetheless quite durable. Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is a popular kind with a smooth surface that can be bonded or painted.

3. Metal

Gives off a sleek, contemporary appearance that goes well with industrial or minimalist designs. Because metal is prone to dents and scratches, think about whether metal fits with your lifestyle.

4. Glass

Creates a light and airy feel, ideal for small spaces. However, glass can be fragile and show fingerprints easily.

Affordable and Small Bedside Table with Drawers at Target

1. Whizmax End Table with Charging Station

Whizmax End Table with Charging Station
Whizmax End Table with Charging Station | Noblepuma

The Whizmax End Table will liven up your living area! This multipurpose item provides benefits beyond aesthetics. It keeps your necessities organized and gadgets charged with its built-in charging station and flip-top storage section. It’s a great choice for your living room, bedroom, or even home office because the retro style brings warmth and charm to any space. Do you need a nightstand, side table, or somewhere to put your favorite décor and plants? This small bedside table with drawers best works for cute and cosy spaces, so get it now.

2. 24” Sterling Solid Wood Nightstand

Be not deceived by its diminutive size; the WyndenHall Sterling Solid Wood Nightstand is rather powerful! This multipurpose piece has an open shelf for convenient access to items like your favourite book or family photos and two drawers for concealed storage. Its dimensions are ideal for a table lamp, but it may also be used as a nightstand, side table, end table, or in other imaginative places around your house. A useful and fashionable accent to any room, the small bedside table with drawers is made of solid wood and has a compact form.

3. Tangkula Narrow Side Table

Tangkula Narrow Side Table
Tangkula Narrow Side Table | Noblepuma

Tired of clutter and short on space? This 2-piece Tangkula side table set offers a stylish solution! Made from sturdy acacia wood and MDF, these versatile tables are perfect for small spaces. The top surface and lower shelf provide ample room for everyday items, while the drawer keeps personal belongings tucked away. With a clean and elegant design, this small bedside table with drawers works beautifully in bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere you need a touch of functionality and style.

4. Vasagle Small Bedside Table with Drawer

Vasagle Small Bedside Table with Drawer
Vasagle Small Bedside Table with Drawer | Noblepuma

Looking for a neat way to ke­ep bedtime stuff tidy? Che­ck out this cool VASAGLE nightstand! It’s got a handy drawer to stash stuff out of sight and an open space for things you ne­ed quickly. Built with tough pine wood legs, this nightstand brings a bit of nature­’s charm and stood the test of time. Just re­member, it’s for indoor use only. It’s an indoor table, so don’t keep it for long stays outside or in damp spots. So, why wait? Pick up this compact nightstand with drawers today!


Who says a small bedroom can’t be­ stylish? Check out Target’s fantastic range of compact be­dside tables with drawers. The­y have something for eve­ryone, whether you pre­fer a clean, pared-down look or you love­ the warm feel of rustic de­signs. There’s a small bedside table with drawers that will work perfe­ctly for you. Not only do they add to your décor, but they also provide handy storage­. So why wait? Visit Target and find that ideal piece­ to make the most of your bedroom. Want to know more­? Check out Noblepuma.


What is a small table with a drawer called?
A small table with a drawer is commonly called a nightstand or an end table. It offers enough storage for small things.
Can a table have drawers?
Yes, many tables are designed with drawers. These provide additional storage space for items such as utensils, stationery, or personal belongings.
What do you name a table in a living room?
A coffee table is another name for a living room table. It is positioned in front of a couch to store books, drinks, and accent pieces.

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