Sony CES 2024

Sony CES 2024- Latest Products, What’s New And Coming And More

The CES 2024 is here and it is going high with its many new advances in the world of tech. Sony too had some tricks up its sleeves and the tech giant has revealed new products and services. The Sony CES 2024 has a pack of EVs, MR, Torchlight, and more- in partnership with Honda and Microsoft. The partnership continues to captivate audiences with this futuristic concept, keeping us on Sony’s CES 2024 tour about the possibilities that lie ahead At CES 2024, Sony once again captivated audiences with its trailblazing technologies and product unveilings. From cutting-edge entertainment solutions to groundbreaking advancements in consumer electronics.

What is CES and Where is it Being Held? 

Consumer Electronics Show is an annual electronic trade show that is organised by the esteemed organisation Consumer Technology Association and is held in Las Vegas in Winchester, NV. The Event typically hosts some of the newest products and technologies launched by renowned electronic brands and features products of different horizons. 

It is one of the largest and most influential electronic events in the world for showcasing and introducing new consumer electronics projects. The CES event provides a platform for companies to unveil their latest innovations in areas such as smartphones, home devices, virtual reality, AI, robotics, and more. It even attracts industry professionals and tech enthusiasts from all around the globe to create an opportunity to demonstrate pioneering technologies and provide a glimpse of the future of consumer electronics.

When Is The CES 2024?

The CES began on 9 January and will end on 12 January 2024 wherein a lot of companies will come ahead and display the newest products and services. With the floor officially opened the extravagant affair promises a lot of technical advancement in the days to come and will be made available to the general public. 

Sony CES 2024 News


Sony CES 2024 news officially started coming in with the many products that the tech giant has launched on this renowned affair. Much like the previous CES affairs that have been organised over the years, Sony has yet again nailed it with its many introductions into the arena of electric cars and mixed reality. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Sony CES 2024- 

Sony CES 2024- What’s New And Upcoming?

The Sony CES 2024 showstopper for the event was its Afeela electric car, which it is partnering with Honda to make. The SHM EV heavily integrates the best of both the companies- Honda’s build and Sony’s unrivaled entertainment console with its many shows and games- that will obviously feature in Afeela. The car even comes with as many as 45 cameras and sensors in total in addition to a display built into the bumper for other cars and pedestrians on the road to read information on. The best part still was the PlayStation DualSense controller rolling the car down in front of everyone. Izumi Kawanishi himself monitored and drove the car with the PS5 controller. The captivating presentation exhibited the effortless incorporation of gaming technologies into the automobile industry- but don’t dream too big- the Playstation Control will not be made available as of now. SHM does continue to remain elusive about further details about the car’s production but you can expect the car to be pre-ordered in 2025, which will then be shipped in the subsequent year. 

Next-Gen Mixed Reality Headset

Sony ventured into the world of mixed reality by introducing a new headgear tailored for “spatial content.” In contrast to the consumer centric PlayStation VR 2, this headgear is specifically designed for developers, makers, and artists, indicating Sony’s emphasis on equipping content creators with revolutionary resources and its commitment to collaborate with companies in the entertainment and industrial sector. The same stars with a well deserved partnership with Siemens, as revealed in Sony CES 2024. 

What makes this headset stand out is its incorporation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 CPU, a powerful processor that not only powers the gadget but also facilitates wireless connectivity. For the average user, this headset implies liberation from the limitations of being physically tethered to a computer. It provides several opportunities, enabling more adaptability and ease of use.

The headset’s visual capabilities are centered on its two 4K OLED microdisplays. These displays provide customers with an immersive viewing experience, guaranteeing them exceptionally clear and vivid graphics. 4K resolution refers to a level of picture quality that is four times crisper and more detailed than ordinary Full HD resolution, for individuals who may not be acquainted with technical terminology. This results in enhanced visual clarity, vivid hues, and a more immersive and realistic encounter that significantly improves the visual quality, hence enhancing the overall thrills and realism of the experience.

In addition, The Sony CES 2024 highlighted the company’s dedication to delivering an improved mixed reality experience is apparent in the headset’s sophisticated user and space tracking capabilities. However, how does this impact the typical user? By using user tracking, the headset effectively records and interprets your motions and gestures, resulting in virtual interactions that are more instinctive and prompt. 

Space tracking is a feature that enables the headset to comprehend and engage with the tangible environment around it. This is essential for applications in which virtual and real world aspects exist simultaneously. For example, while using the headset to position virtual things in your living room, the space tracking technology guarantees that these objects exhibit realistic behavior inside your actual physical surroundings. This not only adds a level of authenticity but also improves the overall safety and usefulness of the mixed reality encounter.

What this means for you-

True, it was a surprise to be treated with a high end VR headset by Sony, but what was more surprising was its imminent capability to take the Apple Vision Pro head on. Not just in its high capabilities, but in its overall design too. The two brands do have a significant difference more than anything and that is the target customer base they are trying to reach. While Apple caters to a more local niche of average consumers who typically want to play games and engage in such low profile activities, Sony is targeting more professionals in the field, like we stated before. It is planning to cater to the creators and the engineers who do the more professional work.  This headset, although revealed at Sony CES 2024, slated to be released in the latter part of 2024, is positioned to have a significant impact on the creative community.

Although the specific price information has not been disclosed, the amalgamation of Qualcomm’s formidable processor and Sony’s dedication to excellence suggests that the headset will be a competitive contender in the mixed reality domain.

AI Powered In-Vehicle Experience

Sony also invited Microsoft on stage to discuss the integration of AI in the in-vehicle experience. Emphasising the role of AI in making automotive technology smarter, this collaboration between two tech giants hints at a future where vehicles become more intelligent and connected. Izumi Kawanishi was quoted underlining the importance of AI- “AI plays an essential role in achieving our goal to redefine the relationship between people and mobility” moving on to the importance of realizing “enhanced emotional user experience”.

Torchlight At Sony CES 2024

Torchlight is an advanced visualisation facility located at Sony’s Culver City studios and is already operational and in use by filmmakers, Torchlight represents a leap forward in the realm of film previsualisation, offering an innovative platform for creators to bring their visions to life.

Real-time Creation with Unreal Engine and Virtual Cameras

At the core of Torchlight’s capabilities is its utilisation of Unreal Engine and virtual cameras, including the Virtual Production Tool Set which, together, allow filmmakers to seamlessly blend virtual environments with the on set production of any creative work, enhancing the previsualisation process. Sony’s digital cinema VENICE camera plays a pivotal role in connecting the virtual and real worlds, providing filmmakers with a powerful tool to capture their creative concepts with unprecedented realism.

Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO of Sony Group Corporation emphasised the brand’s commitment to supporting creators at Sony CES 2024 and was heard saying the company is “always searching for ways to make the most of their (creators’) time” and that the new technology will help “empower filmmakers with real time creation to help turn creative sparks into stories.”

Flexibility and Real time Communication

Filmmakers now have the flexibility to communicate with stakeholders in real-time, offering a unique level of specificity in film production. This functionality serves as a roadmap for various aspects of filmmaking, including visual effects, art department assets, principal photography, set design, gaming assets, and marketing assets.

Sony has equipped the space with its mobile motion capture system, Mocopi, a revolutionary tool providing full body motion tracking through lightweight sensors. Additionally, the facility incorporates Hawk Eye Innovations’ optical tracking system, SkeleTRACK, a technology widely used by major sports leagues for real-time player, object, and ball tracking. 

Sony CES 2024 Reveals New Colours For PS5

Sony CES 2024

The introduction of blue, silver, and red colours provides a wide array of options, catering to different tastes and preferences. The revised side plates omit the glossy/matte divide seen on the regular white PS5 slim, which is a noticeable design decision. Instead, Sony has chosen to use a uniform matte coating over the whole surface. You will also soon have the opportunity to get additional side plates for PS5 Slim. These plates introduced in Sony CES 2024 will be obtainable for a fee, beginning at $54.99. The adherence to design consistency not only improves the overall visual appeal but also corresponds to the inclination for a matte finish among many consumers.

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CES 2024 has proven to be a spectacle of technological marvels, and Sony, being a prominent player, did not disappoint. The Sony CES 2024 revealed the Afeela electric car, Next-Gen Mixed Reality Headset, AI-powered in-vehicle experience, and the Torchlight advanced visualization facility showcased Sony’s commitment to innovation across various industries. As Sony CES 2024 continues to unfold, the tech giant’s contributions underscore its role as an industry leader, pushing boundaries, fostering collaborations, and bringing forth innovative technologies that promise to redefine our relationship with entertainment, mobility, and creativity. For more such information, visit Noble Puma


What did Sony announce at CES 2024?
Sony CES 2024 revealed Afeela, Torchlight, and Mixed Reality Headset. 
Were there any new TVs unveiled by Sony at CES 2024?
No, Sony CES 2024 did not display any TVS.
Did Sony showcase any innovative audio products at CES 2024?
The unveiling of the PlayStation VR2 headgear and controllers marks the advent of the next iteration of virtual reality gaming with its captivating sights, tactile feedback, and engrossing audio.

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