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Decorate Your Space With Outdoor String Lights For The Perfect Aesthetic Vibe! 

Outdoor string lights are also known as fairy lights. They are a type of fixture used for decor purposes in both indoor and outdoor spaces. If we look at the history of it, these lights were traditionally used during the Christmas period to create a festive and a lively ambience. Jump to the modern days where they are widely accepted and used across the year, with or without festivals. They have continuously evolved, and become more versatile and functional. These string lights come in various sizes, colours, shapes and styles. Let’s have a look at the best outdoor string lights that are in trend along with a guide on factors you should look for while buying them, why you should buy them and much more.

Types of Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor LED string lights can transform a plain and dull backyard into an inviting and more welcoming, cosy outdoor space. Outdoor string lights are the most affordable and the easiest to install, in comparison to other types of outdoor and patio lights. The various types of outdoor string lights include:

LED light bulbs

These bulbs use much less electricity (less wattage) and they are cooler to the touch. They don’t heat up that fast. Some are made with plastic bulbs which makes them harder to shatter if dropped. They can easily last for more than 25,000 hours. Some can even last up to 50,000 hours which equals up to 10 years of daily use, depending on how well you use them! These LED lights are very affordable as well.  

Incandescent light bulbs

These are the traditional bulbs that become hot when they are turned on. These are inexpensive and can be found easily. They don’t last for long periods of time like LED bulbs do and they are also less energy efficient. If in regular use, they can last around 1,000 hours or up to one year. They are a popular pick for their warm colour, and affordable cost. Their light bulbs are made of glass.

Solar-powered lights

These lights utilise solar panels, making them ideal for locations without GFCI outlets. They simply require to be placed in a sunny area during the day. The bulbs will light up at night! They usually last 6-8 hours during the night which makes them ideal for house parties, dinners, and barbecues. 

Battery operated bulbs

These bulbs are powered by batteries that are rechargeable. This provides the ultimate solution to your lighting needs as they offer flexibility as well as convenience, what else could one ask for? 

Each of these types of lighting varies in terms of longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. You should consider which is the most suitable for your space and accordingly shop for them.

5 Best Outdoor String Lights In 2024

The latest outdoor string lights that are a must-have in 2024 are:

1. Room Essentials- LED plug-in curtain string lights with clips

Room Essentials- LED plug-in curtain string lights with clips
Room Essentials- LED plug-in curtain string lights with clips

These curtain string lights contain 100 LED clear bulbs that are set on a clear wire. These string lights come with clips. They can be connected from one end to the other. The bulb is shatterproof as it is made of plastic. The string’s total length measures 11.3 feet, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The lighting has a blinking effect, a flashing effect, twinkling effect, along with others. 

2. Threshold- LED string lights clear bulbs

These cafe string lights containing 10 LED clear non-drop bulbs, are suitable for both indoor spaces and outdoor. They feature a black plastic cord. They can be connected from one end to the other. The bulb is shatterproof as it is made of plastic. The overall length of the string is 14 feet. It does not flicker or change colour, it remains constant.

Decorate your space with string lights today! 

3. Embark- LED bulb outdoor miniature string lights for tent

Embark- LED bulb outdoor miniature string lights for tent
Embark- LED bulb outdoor miniature string lights for tent

Going camping and looking for the perfect lighting? Check out this 24 LED outdoor string light (12 capsules with 2 bulbs each). It requires 3 AA alkaline batteries to operate, which you can buy separately. The total length of the string is 10 feet and 6 inches. The light (white or blue) remains constant. The string is attached to a power bank for easy portability. 

4. Heyday- String lights with instax clips

40 LED light bulbs with a total string length of 16 feet, this string light is the ideal fit for both indoors and outdoors. They come along with a timer feature, 3 AA alkaline batteries and Instax clips. They should be handled with care, especially around children. 

Know more here.

5. Multicolour Green Wire String Lights

Multicolour Green Wire String Lights
Multicolour Green Wire String Lights

These string lights include 1000 warm white and multi coloured LED strings. It is 337.6 feet long with a clear wire. Though these are mainly used as Christmas lights, these string lights are very versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. It requires a low voltage switch. The whole set has been certified by UL to ensure and maximize safety. It also meets UL588 standards for safety during the holidays.

Explore more options here. 

What Should I Look for in Outdoor String Lights?

There are some factors that you should consider while buying outdoor string lights:

  • Use LED lights for a longer life and fewer heat-related problems.
  • Use string lights that can be connected by putting one into another. If not, you can also use connectors.
  • Buy these from a renowned brand- which is trustworthy and offers a warranty.
  • Check the details of the product you are thinking of buying so that you will get an idea about the length and light spacing, for the intended purpose.
  • Be aware of cheap quality Chinese strings that are available in the market. They are not very safe to use in the long run. Instead, go for quality strings so you don’t have to spend additional time replacing them or getting them fixed.
  • Don’t buy too many at once as it may lead to dead stock and eventually, the string lights may get fused. It’s better to buy 1-2 pcs at once.
  • Consider the temperatures that will be suitable for the product you want to buy. Will the design and features be well in sync with the freezing temperatures, rain or sun rays of your area? If you think they will be suitable, then you can go ahead. If you are doubtful, find another one!
  • You should be aware of how those string lights will be mounted or held in place.
  • Consider the string light type, size, shape, brightness, and color. An ideal string light would have a weather-resistant design, a long cord, and smart control features to make it safer and easier to use.

Why Should I Use Outdoor String Lights?

You should use string lights for the following reasons:

To utilise your patio area:

If you live in a region that has favourable climates, you should consider yourself lucky! You can enjoy outdoor spaces like backyards or patios all around the year, which is still a luxury for many. You should enhance these areas with string lights to create a gentle, relaxing glow which is perfect for promoting a calming atmosphere and establishing a favorite spot at home.

To create a cosy ambience

You can use these string lights not only outdoors but indoors as well. These lights were used during the Christmas season on the Christmas tree. In today’s time, they are also used during other festivals. They create a cosy ambience in your living areas and make your bedroom more inviting and comforting. Not only that, these strings are also used to create a positive aura for doing yoga and meditation in silence and peace. 

For socialising and family gatherings

Want to make your area intimate? You can drape these lights among branches of a tree, wrap them around a pillar, or put them across a ceiling or a garden. You can transform any place into a different zone altogether. They can make the space more charming by adding warmth to it. They are perfect for celebrations and family gatherings. 

They are energy-efficient

Outdoor string lighting uses less wattage (up to 70% less electricity) than other functional light sources. Not only that, but they last around ten times longer. As we saw earlier, there are solar options available in the market these days which makes them great energy-conscious options.

For the aesthetics 

These are aesthetically pleasing to look at and also used solely for decorative purposes. They are used in decorating canopies. Turn on these lights along with some scented candles and soft music- and you have a beautiful space ready for reading a book!

What Measures Should I Take to Use Outdoor String Lights Safely?

You should keep the following things in mind to use outdoor string lights safely:

  • Before using it, read the manual that comes along with it. Follow the guidelines that have been given by the manufacturer or carefully read instructions when hanging. 
  • Use only outdoor-rated bulbs and extension cords
  • Keep cords in such a way that they don’t come in the way of walking. Keep them away from doorways 
  • Install lights where they cannot pose as tripping hazards, preferably above ground level in shrubs or trees
  • Make sure there is nothing coming into contact with the cord that may move due to high winds which may result in lights getting knocked over
  • Avoid leaving sockets open and do not overload circuits
  • Make sure you protect the connected plugs from water
  • Ensure protection against electrical circuit failure


We hope that by now you know about the types of outdoor string lights, how to choose the best ones, what measures to take before and after buying, why you should buy them, and from where. You have become a pro at it! You don’t need to depend on anything or anybody else to ask for help. You can directly order them online from Target– which is trustworthy and well-known. I also recommend shopping from Target for all needs

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How do I hang outdoor string lights?
To hang the outdoor string lights, first, you need to decide or choose the right location or spot where you want to hang the string lights. Accordingly, plan the route of the strings.
How many string lights can you put together?
You can have as many as 144 string lights that can be put together (14 incandescent strings.)
How long should string lights last?
LED bulbs, when properly maintained, can last between 20,000-25,000 hours with a potential to go beyond 25,000- up to 50,000 hours!

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