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Step Into Gabby’s World With Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys!

Gabby’s Dollhouse toys occupy an important spot inside the fantastic world of children’s entertainment. Gabby’s Dollhouse, a bright and fun world teeming with characters, ​sets and non-stop adventures has become a favourite for many children across the globe. The dollhouse, dolls, accessories, and plush animals from Gabby’s Dollhouse will make great educational toys for boys and girls who like to foster their imaginations and create their own pretend worlds within dollhouses. Come along, and let’s discover the magic of those amusing playthings.

Why Are Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys Popular Among Kids?


The world which little kids enter at Gabby’s Dollhouse is simply magical as the scope of their imagination is endless. The enchanting cute girl with cat ears, who is named Gabby, is the protagonist of this magically beautiful space. Her chats with the animal friends Pandy Paws, Kitty Fairy, and Cakey Cat entertain and stimulate young viewers’ imaginations and ways of thinking.

Different Characters

The variety of characters in Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys is one of the attention grabbing elements. Every character, from Kitty Fairy’s captivating magic to Pandy Paws’s spirit of adventure, offers something special to the table. These characters help children to develop imagination while at the same time, strengthening basic skills such as problem-solving, friendship and creativity.

Attention To Detail

The attention to detail in Gabby’s Dollhouse toys is one of their best qualities. As every detail, from the playsets’ rich colours to the characters’ exquisitely designed details, skillfully emulates the same feel of the show. There is a wide range of things that make Gabby’s Dollhouse exciting for viewers. From the small accessories that come with each character to the secret surprises waiting to be found, the dollhouse offers so much fun for young viewers.


The happiness that Gabby’s dollhouse toys provide to kids’ lives is one of its most satisfying features. Whether it’s the joyous excitement of opening the next toy or the endless hours spent imagining new play scenarios, these toys manage to bring delight and wonder to the hearts of young fans in a way that is simply magical.

Range of Products

By using a diverse line of products—from playhouses to plush toys—Gabby’s Dollhouse toy gives kids a chance to enact their favourite storylines and characters. The stuffed animals are ideal for sharing special moments from the program or curling up during storytime. In the meanwhile, there are countless options for imaginative play with the playsets, whether it’s exploring the dollhouse or going on thrilling adventures in Gabby’s wonderful world.

Promote Diversity 

Gabby’s Dollhouse toys are unique in that they place a strong focus on diversity and inclusion. The diverse range of backgrounds shown among the characters highlights the value of uniqueness. This encourages compassion and empathy for others in addition to helping kids recognize themselves in the toys they play with.


Gabby’s dollhouse toys promote learning and growth in addition to enjoyment. Children can explore essential concepts like creativity, empathy, and problem-solving via creative play. Every playtime gives priceless chances for development, whether they’re creating a fort for Gabby and her pals or thinking about their own adventures.

Top Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys On Target

1. Dollhouse TRGX Feature Stuffed Animal

Dollhouse TRGX Feature Stuffed Animal
Dollhouse TRGX Feature Stuffed Animal

Get your groove on with the interactive, talking DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse toy, DJ Catnip! This adorable plush animal is almost ten inches long, with sharp ears, multicoloured legs, and ultra-soft hair. He is wearing his signature hoodie! For even more thrilling imaginative experiences, give DJ Catnip a big hug and press his stomach to trigger a mix of 20 distinct sound effects, words, and music! In addition, he has enormous glowing headphones that have a function that allows them to blink in sync with all of his sound effects and music. Buy now!

2. Dollhouse With Surprise Mini Figure

Grab the Surprise Figures to assemble your favourite Gabby’s Dollhouse toy characters! It’s a mystery who’s inside each reusable 3-inch Dollhouse capsule that holds the miniature collector figures! Your adorable figurine and a themed accessories stand are revealed when you lift the lid of the blind box container. Find figurines and accessories like Mercat curled up in a clam shell, Cakey Cat on a visually attractive pie, Gabby and her Dollhouse Deliveries, and much more! You may effortlessly mix and match characters and accessory stands to provide even more play options. Each small figure fits into its accessory stand.

3. Dollhouse Hamster Kitties Plush Pack

Dollhouse Hamster Kitties Plush Pack
Dollhouse Hamster Kitties Plush Pack

Bring home these three really adorable plush toys from Gabby’s Dollhouse, the popular Netflix series, and be ready for an overdose of sweetness! Each 3 inch tall Hamster Kitty has very silky fur, genuine show-like attributes, and an identical appearance to their on-screen persona. These Gabby’s dollhouse toys are ideal for thrilling excursions or cosy naptime fantasies! Get every adorable kid’s toy from the show, including DJ Catnip, Kitty Fairy, Gabby Girl, and MerCat, for even more entertainment. Click here now!

4. Dollhouse Travel Figure Set

Bring your favourite Gabby’s Dollhouse toy characters home with you with this limited-edition Traveler Figure Set! Fans of Gabby’s Dollhouse toys will love this gift package, which includes six collectable toy figurines, a Dollhouse Delivery with an unexpected addition inside, and a ton of travel gear including a bag and a cat camera! The realistic, true-to-show details of each figure bring these adorable characters to life! Then open your unique Dollhouse Delivery and find the surprise gift, just as Gabby does at the start of every episode!

5. Sprinkle Party Bus by Gabby’s Dollhouse 

Sprinkle Party Bus by Gabby's Dollhouse 
Sprinkle Party Bus by Gabby’s Dollhouse

With Gabby Girl & DJ Catnip, get ready for parties on the road on Gabby’s celebration party bus! The party bus has actual wheels that function and can be excitingly transformed into a party vehicle! Pop up the front wall, lift the driver’s cab to reveal a massive dance floor, a kitty-disco-ball that is groovy, a meow-mazing karaoke stage that spins, and a delicious birthday cake to enjoy with pals! So get ready for hours of imaginary play in Gabby’s Celebration Party Bus! Shop now!


To sum up, Gabby’s dollhouse toys provide a gateway to an imaginative and adventurous world. These toys available at Target encourage learning, stimulate creativity, and make kids happy because of their colourful characters, creative playsets, and emphasis on inclusion. Dreams come true in Gabby’s Dollhouse universe, whether you’re spending time with her and her pals on an amazing journey or curling up with a plush toy. Check it out now!

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Are batteries required for Gabby's dollhouse toys?
Yes. 3 AAA batteries are required. 
How many rooms does Gabby's dollhouse have?
There are around seven different rooms in the dollhouse.
What is the appearance of Gabby's dollhouse?
The Dollhouse is a big, teal, three-story toy that looks like a cat.

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