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Kia EV Day Event: What All Can You Expect From The Mystery Model

Kia has officially extended an invitation for the world to mark their calendars for the inaugural Kia EV Day, set to take place in Yeoju, Korea. This EV Day event is poised to become an annual tradition for Kia. 

Scheduled for October 12, this festival promises an exciting showcase of Kia’s latest electric models, cutting-edge concepts, innovative technologies, invaluable product insights, a glimpse into their global EV vision, and a comprehensive overview of their EV strategies.

In essence, Kia will be delivering a comprehensive briefing on all things related to electric vehicles. To add a bit of spice to the anticipation, Kia has also provided a sneak peek into some of the upcoming EVs and concepts that will be featured during this electrifying event. So, let us explore the top expected Kia electric car features in this blog. 

Top Expectations from the Kia EV Day Event in Korea

Kia’s much-anticipated EV Day Event promises to be a comprehensive showcase of the brand’s entire electric vehicle (EV) lineup, featuring star attractions such as the Kia EV5, EV6 GT, and EV9. This event will offer attendees an in-depth look at the specifications of the recently unveiled EV5, which made its debut at the Chengdu Motor Show in August. Furthermore, Kia will introduce two captivating new concept EVs that are sure to pique the curiosity of EV enthusiasts and industry observers alike.

Throughout the course of EV Day Event, a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers will grace the stage, addressing a range of topics pivotal to Kia’s transformation into a sustainable mobility solutions provider. These discussions will delve into Kia’s comprehensive EV strategy, its unique ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, updates on innovative customer experience (CX) strategies, and tantalizing insights into upcoming product offerings.

Kia Set to Tease Two New EVs on October 12

Among the array of new Kia EV models, two intriguing additions are in the spotlight. One appears to be a sporty electric sedan, while the other takes the form of a compact crossover, poised to slot beneath the existing EV5.

Recently, eagle-eyed observers spotted an entry-level subcompact electric crossover undergoing tests in the United States, tentatively named the EV3 or EV4. Despite heavy camouflage, its stacked LED headlights peeked through. Rumor has it that this compact crossover could have an attractive price point ranging from $30,000 to $40,000, possibly positioning itself as the dedicated electric successor to Kia’s popular Soul model.

Inside, expect to find Kia’s digital cockpit featuring dual screens, akin to what’s seen in the EV5. While details on the electric sedan remain scarce, Kia has hinted at comprehensive coverage across major market segments.

The EV3 or EV4 is anticipated to ride on Hyundai’s new Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA), a platform supporting a total of 13 new dedicated EVs spanning the Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis brands.

Kia’s ambitious electric vehicle plans aim to achieve annual sales of 1.6 million EVs by 2030, bolstered by the introduction of 15 new electric models by 2027. Since 2021, Kia’s comprehensive transformation strategy, encompassing a new logo, product lineup, and design approach, has yielded substantial results, including a remarkable 14 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth in the US and its best-performing third quarter ever.

For those eager to learn more about Kia’s forthcoming electric models, mark your calendars for EV Day Event on October 12. Keep an eye out for new information and revelations as they become available.

Revealing The Top Mysteries Related To Kia’s New Updated Models 

Kia has unveiled two intriguing mystery EVs, currently in concept form, but sparking considerable excitement. These speculated new updates are creating an uproar among car enthusiasts and this EV Day Event might bring them new surprises. 

The first, characterized by its slim side mirrors and door handle absence, exudes an aggressive stance with unique vertical lights, setting it apart from the crowd. Its sedan-like attributes suggest a potential sporty offering, possibly a spiritual successor to the Kia Stinger. Considering Kia’s naming conventions, it could potentially become the EV8, given the even-numbered series placement for lower-slung vehicles like the EV6.

The second enigmatic Kia EV, situated to the right of the two-row Kia EV5, might be designated as the EV3. Serving as a potential successor to the Soul, it’s positioned below the EV5. While the image perspective suggests a larger size, possibly a midsize two-row SUV akin to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it shares the distinct slim side mirrors and door handle-free design. The rugged aesthetics, featuring robust tires, flared fenders, and a wide stance, hint at its concept nature. To provide context, the three-row EV9, the largest among Kia’s electric offerings, can be seen on the far right, offering a size reference point.

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The true nature of these enigmatic vehicles remains a mystery, leaving us to wonder if they are the concept cars slated for unveiling at Kia’s EV Day Event. If they are indeed the chosen concepts, it’s likely that they represent designs close to production-ready models.

Kia has big plans for EV Day Event, promising a lineup of influential keynote speakers who will delve into crucial topics aligned with the brand’s shift towards sustainable mobility solutions. The event will encompass discussions on Kia’s expansive EV strategy, its “Opposites United” design philosophy, updates on innovative customer experience (CX) strategies, and fresh product insights. For more information on the EV Day Event or the related topics, you can visit Noblepuma website. 


What does EV mean on the Kia dashboard?
Electric vehicles (EVs) use battery-powered electricity instead of gasoline or diesel. Kias with “EV” on the dashboard are functioning in electric mode.
What is the 1st EV of Kia?
Kia initially unveiled an electric vehicle, the Soul EV, in 2014. Early electric car aficionados loved this subcompact crossover SUV’s 93-mile all-electric range. Kia’s electric vehicles began with the Soul EV.
Does Kia have any EVs?
Kia offers EVs including the EV6, Niro, and Soul. Kia also expects to launch the EV9 SUV and EV4 sedan soon.
What is the maximum range of the Kia EV?
Based on EPA estimates, the Kia EV6 Long Range RWD has the longest range at 310 miles per charge. This wide range easily handles daily commuting and long-distance travel.

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