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Bangkok Floating Markets: Explore the Beauty of Bangkok’s Market

Bangkok is known for having endless floating markets where you can find a lot of traditional handicrafts items, food products, clothing, and Thailand cuisines. If there is one way to get yourself immersed in Bangkok is by visiting markets. The Bangkok floating market is a name given due to the variety of things to explore in the markets. The markets are often found crowded by shoppers, sales of different items, local people marketing, and also tourists find themselves engaging in the packed and yet adventurous markets only in Bangkok. Especially traditional food in Bangkok is full of scrumptious traditional delicacies. 

You can never get enough of each market that you visit. There is a mix of both local tradesmen and merchants selling all kinds of products that surprise visitors when they visit the market. If you are in Bangkok there is escaping from these markets that will talk about in this blog. Try all different kinds of food, fruits, and seafood, or even get a handicraft item for home decor. 

Top Bangkok Floating Markets to visit while you are in the City

Let’s quickly dive into what Bangkok floating markets you can visit for a seamless experience. 

1.  Explore Amphawa Floating Market 

Explore Amphawa Floating Market 
Explore Amphawa Floating Market | noblepuma

The market is located in the district of Samut Songkhram province. If you are in the city the quickest way to reach market is by taking a 10-minute ride straight from Maeklong either by bus or by train. 

The market is famous for having a robust view and offers a lot of seafood to try. The main attraction to the market is impeccable seafood delicacies. Moreover, after a delightful meal at the market take a ride on one of the longtail boats for getting an overall view of the surroundings of the market. The river takes you through the narrow markets where you can explore sellers selling different types of seafood, fruits vegetables, and more. Moreover, the longtail boats have both personal touring prices and for general touring around the market which is quite an adventure thing to do.

2. Explore Muang Boran Floating Market 

The Muanga Boran is one of the unique Bangkok Floating markets and it’s famous for building replicas. For getting to the market from the city, take a bike ride or guided cart ride. Muang Boran is also considered to be an ancient city of attractions. The open-air museum which the visitors can explore was actually built to replicate the five regions of Thailand. It’s a place where one can explore the true traditional side of Thailand. It’s one of the most visited floating markets in Bangkok.

3. Explore Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market 

Explore Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market 
Explore Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market | noblepuma

The Bang Khu Wiang is one of those Bangkok floating markets where visitors can try the delightful farm-fresh cuisine. If you are in Chang Pier take a boat ride to get to the market. This is an old traditional market where visitors can try pure traditional mouth-watering Thai dishes. There are many other delightful dishes you could try in the market which promises to give you an authentic experience with Thai dishes. What is special about dishes in the market is the authentic and organic ingredients used in the dishes. Enhance your cultural experience while you are in the market.

4. Explore Wat Sai Floating Market 

The common way to get to the market is by boarding a bus to Wai Sai from Ekkachai Road. The market is prominent for having some of the best fruits, vegetables, and traditional food. If you are visiting the market get ready to feel the authentic cultural vibes of the market, where the surrounding areas are filled with merchants selling fruits on the boas and you can enjoy the food boats. Explore the enriching experience while you are visiting the Wat Sia Floating Market

5. Explore Bang Phli, Floating Market 

Interestingly this is one of the oldest Floating Market in Bangkok. For the fastest reach to the market get a taxi ride. The market is popular with merchants from different parts of Bangkok selling fresh fruits and vegetables. The queuing boats on the river are quite a fascinating sight to see. This is the ideal market for getting both the cultural experience and the try authentic Thai dishes such as different types of noodles, seafood, and more. 

6. Explore Koh Kret Island Floating Market 

Explore Koh Kret Island Floating Market 
Explore Koh Kret Island Floating Market | noblepuma

Koh Kret Island floating market is best known for an endless variety of things to do in the market all in one place. It’s also a place where you can hang out with friends while getting the timeless experience of dining on the boat. This is an ideal place to hang out away from the bustling city. The floating market is also considered an artificial island that was built by digging a canal. This dazzling market is 300 years old.

Top Food to Try While Visiting the Bangkok Floating Markets 

Top Food to Try While Visiting the Bangkok Floating Markets 
Top Food to Try While Visiting the Bangkok Floating Markets | noblepuma

Explore these famous dishes on Bangkok’s floating markets. 

  • The must-try food at any of the floating markets is Kuay Teow Reua. This is unlike any other noodles you might have tried since the noodles are full of rich flavors, with your preferred choice of meat, herbs, and many more.  
  • The second must-try food is grilled seafood which is quite common in the floating markets. It is very easy to get the sight of grilling food on the boats such as fish, squid, prawns, meats, and more. This variety of seafood is often well seasoned with traditional spices and homemade sauces.  
  • The must-try food is definitely the homely-grown fruits which are succulent with every bit getting you mouth-watering. If you are a big fan of organic fruits, the floating markets are full of rich juicy fruits to try. 
  • A very decent and yet very delightful food to try is coconut ice cream. Especially if you are visiting the city in summer, the coconut ice cream will get you carried away in the floating markets. The ice cream is often served with coconut shell and on the top you are served with corn, peanuts, and sticky rice. 
  • Pad Thai is a must-try Thai dish to try if you are around the floating markets. Although the dish may not be popularly available around the markets still one can find vendors servicing this old traditional Thai dish. It’s a very pristine way to dig into Thai cuisine. 
  • For a delightful bit of experience try Khanom Krok. It’s made of rice flour, palm sugar, and coconut milk. The outer layer is crispy and the inner part is soft and sweet. 
  • Another delightful bit after Khanom Krok is Kanom Buang, it’s a Thai crispy Pancake made with sweet filling with local ingredients such as meringue, shrimp, and coconut cream. This is a must-try floating market street food. 
  • If you come across the dazzling sight of grilling meat on skewers yes, it’s a must-try grilled meat on the floating markets. The choice of grilled meats includes beef, chicken, and pork. Grilled meats are definitely one of the best food to try while exploring the Bangkok floating markets. 


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Which floating market is the best in Bangkok?
The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most popular floating market in Thailand. This floating market is located in Ratchaburi province in the Southwest of Bangkok.  
Should I visit Bangkok Floating Markets?
Yes, they are a must-visiting market around the world. Markets on the river are not something that you likely see around the world, not even in the best cities or towns. They are intriguing, adventurous, and full of Thai traditional food to try.  
How much is the cost of a boat ride at the floating market?
For getting a tour around the floating market the cost is 400 baht per head. While the sharing boat might cost 2000 baht per boat or high. The boat tour is about one hour which is sufficient time to explore the entire floating market. 

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