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Smartwatches For Kids: A Must-Have For Fun, Function & Features!

There is a continuous debate in the digital age about children and technology. But in the middle of screen time and internet safety, one type of technology that pops out as a handy tool for parents and children is a smartwatch. Earlier popular as an adult gadget, smartwatches for kids comprise a lot many benefits. Now let us try to figure out how these classy gizmos can enhance the lives of the kids.

Benefits Of Buying Smartwatches For Kids


Parents’ decision to buy smartwatches for kids is mainly because of safety concerns. With the GPS tracking that most smartwatches for kids have, the parents have the ability to locate their child in real time. This feature is very useful, especially when the children are outside and mingling with friends or in areas with massive crowds.

Apart from GPS monitoring, numerous smartwatches for kids are equipped with functionalities like geofencing, which allows parents to establish digital barriers and get notifications in case their child ventures outside of them. This feature ensures that children remain in the safe areas that their parents have set out for them, adding an additional degree of security.


Without requiring a smartphone, kids may easily stay in touch with their parents with smartwatches. Using smartwatches for kids, children may instantly contact their parents in an emergency or just to confirm thanks to the built-in calling and messaging features. Being able to reach their child by phone or text might help parents feel less anxious and help their youngster develop independence and trust.

Additionally, certain smartwatches enable for more immersive communication experiences with voice and video calling features. This can be especially helpful for children whose family members live far away since it allows them to keep close ties even with their distance.


Smartwatches for kids can be used as teaching aids in addition to being devices for fitness and communication. Educational games and apps that encourage learning and creativity in kids are preinstalled on a lot of gadgets. These apps, which offer everything from math problems to language instruction, can enhance conventional teaching strategies and increase children’s interest in learning.

Healthy Habits

Children can be encouraged to be active by smartwatches in an age where sedentary lifestyles are becoming a greater worry. Activity tracking functions that track steps taken, calories burned, and active minutes during the day are found in many smartwatches for kids. Smartwatches have the potential to make physical activity enjoyable and fulfilling for kids by gamifying exercise and establishing goals.

Being Responsible

Providing children with a smartwatch can mark a significant turning point in their development of self-reliance and accountability. Having a personal device helps kids learn time management skills, efficient communication, and how to make decisions for their own safety and well-being.

Furthermore, parental control features on smartwatches for kids enable parents to impose usage restrictions and deny access to particular apps or functionalities. This makes it possible for parents to mentor their kids’ digital habits and instil in them the value of proper device use from a young age.

Top Smartwatches For Kids On Target

1. Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS Tracker by Xplora 

Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS Tracker by Xplora 
Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS Tracker by Xplora

Presenting the new kids’ smart watch with a phone and GPS. The XGO3, which is jam-packed with technology, has all the functionality of a regular mobile phone but is simplified for children and intended as a smart watch with safety in mind. For a lower cost, the XGO3 has all the excellent features of a high-end expensive gadget. Buy now before it gets out of stock! 

2. Jr Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Kids by Cubitt 

You may change the brightness of the screen, and as you raise your wrist, the screen will instantly brighten. Includes many personalized displays for various age groups and styles. Parents can set the watch’s lock with a password. Notifications of calls on social media and WhatsApp can be enabled. It is also possible to set a vibration for incoming calls and hang up the call at any time. The integrated accelerometer sensor can give you updated details of your daily movement and activities, distance covered, steps taken, calories burned and active minutes of the day.

3. Kids Smart Watch for Ages 3–12 by Contixo 

Kids Smart Watch for Ages 3–12 by Contixo 
Kids Smart Watch for Ages 3–12 by Contixo

Children can use the Adjustable Magic Camera to record happy moments in their lives and set their favorite photo as wallpaper. This watch is made from non-toxic ABS Plastic and comes fitted with a soft, flexible, comfortable, and adjustable silicone strap. It comes with 14 engaging educational games.  It is sweatproof and can be worn anywhere from amusement parks to other forms of outdoor activities!

4. Blue coloured Kids’ Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Smart Watch 

With the aid of this Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Interactive Smartwatch, your speedster won’t miss any of their appointments. With the help of this smartwatch’s digital time display, you can quickly and easily determine the time and date. Additionally, it has a number of interactive functions like a calculator, timer, alarm, video, camera, and more. It also has an adjustable strap with a buckle closing, a blue rectangular dial, and entertaining Sonic illustrations.

5. Pink Kids Smartwatch by PlayZoom 

Pink Kids Smartwatch by PlayZoom 
Pink Kids Smartwatch by PlayZoom

This is the second generation of the critically acclaimed wristwatch line designed specifically for children! This fascinating wristwatch, suitable for kids three years old and up, keeps kids busy, engaged, and constantly learning. It’s more than simply a smartwatch; it has 20 educational games, an MP3 player, a swivel camera, and much more! Furthermore, children may play safely because it doesn’t require an app or an internet connection. Explore more options on Target!


Even while worries about how technology affects kids are still present, smartwatches make a strong argument for being beneficial in kids’ lives. These gadgets on Target are useful tools for parents and kids alike, improving communication and safety while encouraging learning and healthy behaviours. Through careful and intentional use of technology, smartwatches can support the development of contented, healthy, and self-assured children in today’s digital environment.

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Are smartwatches beneficial for kids?
Yes. They provide numerous benefits like tracking and health benefits.
Can smartwatches for kids work without the internet?
Yes. Such types of options are available on Target.
Are smartwatches available in different price ranges?
Yes. Budgeted smartwatches for kids can be explored on Target.

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