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Unveiling Cheap Flights to Italy: Explore the Beauty on a Budget

Italy is a renowned country in Europe. No matter which city you visit, each city is unique and offers remarkable views. Venice, Naples, Milan, etc., are popular tourist destinations in Italy. Although many people dream of visiting Italy, the flight prices can be expensive. You can travel to Italy cheaply. You can look for cheap flights to Italy on the Easyjet platform and book flights at affordable rates. You can enter your departure and arrival destination in the search box and click search. The list of cheap flights will appear on the results page, and you can book one. Want to know more about cheap flights to Italy? Let’s explore the different flights available on Easyjet.

Here is the list of cheap flights to Italy:

Looking for cheap flights to Italy? Thanks to Easyjet, you can find flights at reasonable prices. Easyjet is an online booking portal that helps you book flights conveniently without costing much. A few fast flights to Italy and best affortable flights to Italy are as follows:

1. Cheap Flights from Bristol to Venice, Marco Polo

Cheap Flights from Bristol to Venice, Marco Polo
Cheap Flights from Bristol to Venice, Marco Polo | Noblepuma

You can check the low-fare finder on Easyjet to find affordable flights from Bristol to Venice. The flight fares on this route begin at 23.99 pounds. You can select the month, date, and time you plan to travel. The results will show you a box on the right-hand side of your computer screen showing the flight fares and the departure and arrival timings. You can click the Continue with the one-way option to book one of the best affordable flights to Italy. You can also add and book the return flight.

2. Cheap Flights from London to Naples

The flights from London Gatwick to Naples start at 25.99 pounds. Travelling to your preferred destination using alternative routes is a great trick to getting affordable flights. If you travel to Italy but find the fares expensive, you can search for a destination where the fares are low. For example, you can select Naples as your arrival destination, no matter which Italian city you will visit. After reaching Naples, you can book a domestic flight to your preferred destination in Italy. Naples is among the cheapest in Italy you can fly to.

3. Cheap Flights from Manchester to Milan Malpensa

Cheap Flights from Manchester to Milan Malpensa
Cheap Flights from Manchester to Milan Malpensa | Noblepuma

You can find and book cheap flights to Italy with the help of the low-finder tool for flights from Manchester to Milan Malpensa. The flight fares on this route start at 22.99 pounds. Milan Malpensa International Airport is the largest in the northern part of Italy. Milan is also among the places where you can travel to Italy cheaply. You can enter your travel dates on the online booking portal Easyjet, where the results page will show the departure and arrival times for two adults. You can also add the return flight and book your cheap flight to Italy.

4. Cheap Flights from Manchester to Naples

Cheap Flights from Manchester to Naples (1)
Cheap Flights from Manchester to Naples | Noblepuma

The intercontinental international airport serves the city and Campania’s southern Italian region. As per 2019, Statistics, it is the fifth busiest airport in Italy and the busiest in the southern part. The airport is a base for Easyjet. Although the Capodichino International Airport is among the busiest airports, it is cheap. You can effortlessly find cheap flights to Italy on this route. The flight fares begin at 22.99 pounds. You can compare the regular airline departures and check the best value prices. The graph shows different prices for different months and dates. You can select your travel dates and timings accordingly and book your flight.

Hacks to Book Cheap Flights to Italy 

The following are a few hacks to book cheap flights to Italy:

  • Plan your trip and book your tickets in advance.
  • Select connecting flights over non-stop and direct flights.
  • Plan your trip during the off-season.
  • Use the Frequent Flyer Program

Reasons to Travel to Italy: Embrace the Season

The following are some reasons to travel to Italy:

  • As the powerful Roman Empire’s centre, it has many temples, stadiums, and palaces, including Vatican City’s treasures.
  • Witness action-packed and adventurous activities in resorts, stunning beaches, and idyllic islands.
  • Gorgeous mountain views, hills, vineyards, lakes, and volcanic landscapes of Sicily
  • Cities like Milanshowcase Italy’s modern face are home to high-class restaurants with live music halls.
  • Vibrant Cities and Charming Villages: Whether it’s the bustling streets of Rome, the romantic canals of Venice, the fashion hub of Milan, or the picturesque villages in regions like Cinque Terre and Umbria, Italy offers a range of urban and rural experiences. 
  • Famous Vineyards and Wineries: Italy is renowned for its wine. Visiting vineyards in regions like Chianti, Prosecco, or Barolo can be a delightful experience.


There are numerous options for travellers to book cheap flights to Italy. Are you looking for search flights? You can visit Easyjet and book your flights to Italy at affordable rates. If you travel to Italy from the UK, you will find many reasonable options on Easyjet. You can travel cheaply from London to Milan or Naples, Bristol to Venice or Milan, and Manchester to Naples, Milan, or Venice. Irrespective of which airport you choose as your destination in Italy, you will find good deals on flight tickets. If you follow a few easy hacks, you can travel cheaply to your desired destination. You can refer to Noble Puma for more details on cheap flights to Italy and book your flights through Easyjet.


What month is the cheapest to go to Italy?
March to May and September to November are known for cheap flight deals to Italy. It is also known as the shoulder season. 
What is the cheapest city in Italy to fly into?
Genoa, in Italy, is one of the cheapest cities to fly to Italy. In addition to Genoa, you can travel cheaply to Milan, Venice, Pisa, Rome, and Bologna.
Why are Italy flights so expensive?
Experts blame the high costs of fuel, planes and pilots shortage and the tourism surge is responsible for the extremely high prices of flights in Italy. The cost of some routes has increased since 2019.

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