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Can Love Be Fixed? Witness The Challenges Of Relationships In Couples Therapy!

Can therapy truly fix a relationship? What happens when secrets are revealed, emotions clash, and old wounds resurface? Couples Therapy on Paramount+ takes you on a voyeuristic journey into the intimate world of couples grappling with real-life challenges. 

Join them as they confront infidelity, cultural differences, and personal growth hurdles under the guidance of Dr. Orna Guralnik, a seasoned therapist whose expertise shines through and also welcome to the transformative journey of couples therapy, where relationships are nurtured, conflicts are resolved, and love is rediscovered. In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship can be challenging. This compelling series is not just about watching relationships unfold, but about learning, growing, and maybe even finding a piece of yourself reflected in their stories.

What is the Format and Storyline of the Show?

Format of the Show

Each episode focuses on one or two couples, showcasing their therapy session with Dr. Guralnik. Viewers get to witness the couples’ struggles, breakthroughs, and transformations firsthand. The show also features interviews with the couples and Dr. Guralnik, providing additional context and insights.


Couples Therapy isn’t a scripted drama; it delves into the real-life stories of four couples in each season as they navigate the complexities of their relationships under the guidance of experienced therapist Dr. Orna Guralnik. The show doesn’t focus on creating dramatic arcs but rather provides an authentic glimpse into the challenges, hopes, and transformations experienced by these couples during their individual therapy journeys.

Main Characters

Dr. Guralnik is a renowned psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience. She is known for her direct, compassionate, and insightful approach to therapy. Her expertise guides the couples and offers valuable insights for viewers. The couples featured in each season come from diverse backgrounds and face different challenges, from communication issues and infidelity to cultural differences and personal growth struggles. This ensures a relatable and engaging experience for viewers with varying relationship experiences.

Core Segments

  • Therapy Session: The heart of the show, featuring the couple(s) engaging with Dr. Guralnik in individual therapy sessions. Expect raw emotions, honest conversations, and insightful interventions.
  • Confessionals: Interviews with the couples and Dr. Guralnik, offering additional context, personal reflections, and reactions to the therapy session’s key moments.
  • Opening Segment: Briefly introduce the featured couple(s) and their main relationship challenges.
  • Closing Segment: Provides a brief update on the couple’s progress and leaves viewers pondering their journey and takeaways.
  • Experts’ Commentary: Brief segments with relationship experts offering their perspectives on the couples’ situations, adding a layer of professional analysis.
  • Follow-up Segments: Some seasons might include follow-up episodes or segments checking in on the couples after their therapy journey, offering closure and long-term insights.
  • Archival Footage: Occasionally, home videos or photos are incorporated to provide context about the couples’ history and dynamics.

Why Watch The Couples Therapy Show?

While the show does present real-life couples grappling with challenges, it offers much more than just voyeuristic relationship drama. Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to watch:

1. Witness real couples 

See diverse couples facing common and unique challenges, offering relatable experiences.

2. Unfiltered look 

Observe raw emotions, honest conversations, and genuine breakthroughs without scripting.

3. Learn from experts 

Gain insights from Dr. Guralnik’s therapy techniques and expert commentary on relationship dynamics.

4. Reflect on your own relationships 

Use the show as a mirror to reflect on your communication, conflict resolution, and personal growth within your relationship.

5. Witness transformations 

See couples overcome communication barriers, build trust, and work through personal struggles.

6. Learn coping mechanisms 

Observe healthy strategies for managing difficult emotions, resolving conflicts, and expressing needs effectively.

7. Find inspiration and hope 

See couples reconnect, strengthen their bonds, and find a renewed appreciation for each other, offering hope for your own journey.

8. Conversation starter 

Spark discussions with friends, family, or partners about relationships, communication, and personal growth.

9. Not scripted drama 

Remember, this is a documentary-style show; expect real-life complexities and messy situations.

10. May trigger emotions 

Be prepared for emotional moments that could resonate with your own experiences.

11. Not a quick fix 

Therapy is a process, and the show portrays realistic journeys with setbacks and progress.

Overall, the show offers more than just voyeuristic entertainment. It provides a valuable resource for self-reflection, relationship insights, and inspiration for anyone navigating the complexities of love and connection.

Where Can You Watch Couples Therapy?

Where Can You Watch Couples Therapy?
Where Can You Watch Couples Therapy? | noblepuma

You can watch Couples Therapy on Paramount+. Both Essential and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plans grant access to the entire series. Here’s how to access it:


You’ll need an active Paramount+ subscription. You can choose from two options:

  • Paramount+ Essential: This plan ($4.99/month) includes access to the entire movie library, including Couples Therapy, but with ads.
  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME: This plan ($11.99/month) includes everything in Essential, plus SHOWTIME original series and movies, and is ad-free for most content (excluding live TV and a few shows).

Free Trial 

Both subscription plans offer a 7-day free trial, allowing you to try out the service and watch a few episodes of the show before committing.


The show is available to stream in the United States and its territories. Content availability depends on which area you are residing in.

Rent or buy episodes 

While not currently available on major platforms, individual episodes or seasons might become available for purchase or rental on VOD services in the future.

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Couples Therapy on Paramount+ isn’t just voyeuristic entertainment; it’s a powerful tool for self-reflection and relationship growth. Witnessing real couples grapple with communication breakdowns, trust issues, and personal struggles offers invaluable insights. Learn healthy coping mechanisms, glean expert advice from Dr. Guralnik, and reflect on your communication patterns. 

See couples transform, reconnect, and rediscover love, sparking hope for your own journey. This show isn’t a scripted fairytale; it’s a realistic portrayal that therapy is a process, not a quick fix. Subscribe to Paramount+, discuss the show with loved ones, and use its lessons to embark on your own path of self-discovery and relationship exploration. For more information, visit Noble Puma.


Is Couples Therapy available on Paramount+?
Yes, Couples Therapy is available on Paramount+.
Which streaming service hosts Couples Therapy?
Couples Therapy is available for streaming on Showtime and Paramount+. You can binge-watch the show whenever you like. 
Is Couples Therapy worth watching?
Couples Therapy is highly regarded and offers insightful perspectives on relationships, making it worth watching for many viewers.

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