The Best Gel Blaster Gun: Fun Activity Guns For Kids To Enjoy This Summer

Gel blasters, additionally called gel ball blasters or gel blasters, have turned out to be more and more famous among youngsters in recent years. These gel blaster guns are some of the most creative kid’s toys and sportive activities to do. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and most of these guns are for group recreational activities among kids. If you are looking for the best gel blaster guns, you can find various options in this blog. 

Why you should get gel blaster guns for your children?

  • Fun and Realistic: The best gel blaster guns offer a realistic playing experience without using real firearms or projectiles that can cause damage. This makes them a secure and fun way for kids to interact in simulated group play together.
  • Affordable: The best gel blaster guns are fun and also affordable for parents. They don’t cost much and hence make a huge contribution to fun and expenses. Check them out now!
  • Colourful and Appealing Designs: Many of the best gel blaster guns are designed with shiny hues and appealing aesthetics that entice kids’ attention. Making not only fun but also appealing to a wide range of kids. 

How to inspire youngsters to play with gel blaster guns? 

  • Set Up Targets or Obstacle Courses: Create fun and interesting objectives or impediment courses for kids to practice their purpose and manoeuvrability with gel blasters.
  • Organise Gel Blaster Battles or Games: Arrange crew-based battles or games with clean regulations and targets, fostering teamwork, approach, and friendly competition.
  • Incorporate Storytelling: Encourage kids to create eventualities or narratives around their gel blaster play, permitting them to exercise their imaginations and roleplay special characters or conditions.
  • Offer Rewards or Incentives: Provide small rewards or incentives for reaching particular desires or milestones during gel blaster games, encouraging persistent engagement and skill improvement.

Best gel blaster guns for kids at Target

1. NERF Gelfire Ignitor 

NERF Gelfire Ignitor 
NERF Gelfire Ignitor

Step onto the battlefield completely geared up with a blaster boasting an excellent 60-spherical capacity. Designed for closing skirmish supremacy, this weapon unleashes the energy of Nerf Pro Gelfire technology, ensuring each shot packs a punch. With its speedy-fire capability, it’s the closing desire for extreme skirmishes, allowing you to dominate the competition with ease. 

The gel gun is also easy to use for kids who are beginners. Fast resolution and easy to use make this handgun simple easy and fun. Shop one of the best gel blaster guns now!

2. NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster 

Experience fast-fire excitement with cutting-edge innovation in foam dart blasters. This is absolutely automated mythic blaster unleashes a continuing barrage of dehydrated rounds, ensuring countless amusement and intensity. With an incredible potential of 10,000 rounds, you’ll dominate any war. Let your kids engage in epic showdowns as they unleash up to ten rounds in keeping with second, overwhelming your warring parties with sheer firepower. 

Prepare for non-stop action and unharness their internal warrior with this modern blaster, designed for upscaling overall performance and exhilaration during the game. Shop now and dominate the battlefield with unrivalled speed and precision.

3. X-Shot Hyper Gel Small Blaster 

X-Shot Hyper Gel Small Blaster 
X-Shot Hyper Gel Small Blaster


Let your kids experience amusement with X-Shot Hyper Gel Small Blaster. This play tool comes with a compact blaster boasting a 500-capability pellet reservoir, ensuring prolonged playtime without interruptions. With 5,000 dehydrated pellets, the excitement maintains without pause. Since safety is paramount, the gun is made with covered protective eyewear making sure of worry-free play. Get it now!

4. Contixo GB1 Gel Ball Blaster With Exo-Friendly & Auto Modes, Laser Guide and Transformable

Experience unparalleled excitement with this modern gel ball blaster, boasting eco-friendly and auto modes for easy operation. Equipped with a laser guide and transformable design, it guarantees unique targeting and adaptability to any mission. With a range extending beyond 50 ft, it dominates the battlefield effortlessly. Included goggles offer protection and enhance the immersive experience. Loaded with 30,000 water gel beads, the journey never ends. 

Check out more of these best gel blaster guns on Target

How to use gel blaster guns

  • Safety First: Always ensure that your kids put on protective equipment, including goggles or face masks, before using the gel blasters. Supervise their use and set up clear regulations for safe play.
  • Load the Gel Balls: The best Gel blaster guns use water-based gel balls as ammunition. Load the blaster in step with the producer’s instructions, being careful not to overfill or jam the mechanism.
  • Proper Handling: Teach children how to nicely keep and hold the gel blaster, emphasizing the significance of retaining their finger off the trigger till they’re geared up to shoot.
  • Designated Play Areas: Establish a secure and specific area for gel blaster games, away from home windows, crowded places, or valuable items near them that could be damaged.


For parents who are looking to surprise their kids with interesting outdoor games, you can browse for the best gel blaster guns at Target. They come in a wide variety and are affordable. This summer keep your kids physically active and engaging to play outdoors with these toys. Something that your kids will cherish to have in their recreational collections. Let the summer fun begin! 

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How do kids benefit from gel blaster guns?
  • Goal skills
  • Observation
  • Endurance,
  • Physical exercise and
  • Teamwork
What is the age appropriation for gel blasters for kids?
These toy guns are perfect for kids with 12+ of age and adults as well. The ball bullets have an effective range of 50 feet in speed and distance. 
Are gel blaster guns safe for kids?
They are safe for kids to play with. But make sure your kids have safety goggles and other gear beforehand. This creates extra protective layers for your kids.

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