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USA Ghost Tour: Discovering The Unique Adventure To Ghost Stories

The ghost tour is one of the interesting tour activities across different countries. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the stories behind every ghost tour are quite intriguing and adventurous. The USA Ghost Tour is one of the most interesting ghost tours for travellers and tourists who are visiting the US. We all love that kind of adventure where there is something new to learn, something new to expose, and something new to discover.

For the past years, the USA ghost tour has been a very popular tour activity and visiting site among many youngsters. They are even the next novel thing among adults who love to try something out of the box. When it comes to travelling, lateral landscapes, oceans, beaches, and ancient architectural buildings are something that instinctively comes to the mind of travellers. Even while visiting the US, a USA ghost tour may not be the first thing to try while you are in the States, but the USA Ghost Tour is a promisingly adventurous thing to do. 

The top USA ghost tour cities to visit to experience the thrilling adventure 

1. Explore the ghosts of New Orleans Haunted Ghost 

Explore the ghosts of New Orleans Haunted Ghost 
Explore the ghosts of New Orleans Haunted Ghost | Noblepuma

New Orleans has many extra adventurous things to offer to its visitors but apart from food and city beauty, New Orleans brings ghosts, and walking vampires, voodoo is something that will make you feel triggered with unexpected fear for sure. It’s the city’s most unique adventure to explore while you are visiting the city. Especially recommend at night to explore the hunted ghost, see some vampires, voodoo, etc. These are the best places to visit, Lalaurie mansion, and New Orleans Pharmacy Museum where you might be carried away by the paranormal stories. Even if you are not into ghost stories, the overall presentation is likely to make you get some goosebumps. Get the best city guides with Viator and explore the best part of the ghost tours. Listen and experience the hunted witch, blood-sucking vampires, traditional voodoo stories,  and magic spells, and more.  They are beyond the theatrical experience for sure.

2. Explore the  LA Ghosts

Los Angeles is not only popular for having stunning beaches but beyond the city’s glamorous beauty, the vibrant city has many interesting ghost places to visit. Take a deep breath and look at Hollywood Boulevard, Queen Mary, Hollywood Roosevelt or the Municipal Pier at Santa Monica are some intriguing places to visit as part of the LA Ghost Stories hunt. If you need to feel the shady side of the city visit the Comedy Store in the city. It’s known for many illogical activities carried out in the past days. 

The interesting side of these places offers many unsolved triggering stories which have taken place in the past hundred years. Since the love for fame and success is not an easy trophy for everyone. There are stories of such failed journeys that have led to many thrilling ghost stories. These places may also be an exploration of the other side of the stories of fame and success that are not always glamorous.

3. Explore the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia 

Explore the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia 
Explore the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia | Noblepuma

The city undoubtedly has many architectural buildings and city nightlife to offer to its visitors but on the other side, there is more to holiday vacation. Savannah is also considered a city full of haunted stories to explore. Haunted Hamilton-Turner Inn, Wright Square, The Pirate’s House, and Kehoe House are examples of the city’s mysterious stories when it comes to ghost stories. These places are full of unresolved stories, the creepy stories that hunt the neighbourhoods, and the crime stories that are famous among the locals will leave you triggered. With the help of the travel guides with Viator get into depth of the stories that have been lingering for many hundreds of years.

4. Explore the Ghosts of San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas has some thrilling stories to bring in with more adventures than you can imagine. There are triggering haunted places to explore that will leave you with stories that have hunted the people and the city for many years. The haunted Alamo, The Spanish Governor’s Palace,  the San Fernando Cathedral, the Haunted Railroad Tracks of San Antonio, the Midget Mansion, and the Ghost of the Devil’s Bridge are examples of ghost-haunted places in San Antonio. These places have their own unique stories behind the creepy tales, crimes, and lingering conjuring activities to discover.  What makes these places interesting is the old unresolved stories that have become more like unsolved mystery cases.

5. Explore the ghosts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Explore the ghosts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 
Explore the ghosts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania | Noblepuma

Gettysburg is one of the USA Ghost tour cities to visit for an endless city exploration of places filled with many intriguing stories. Especially stories related to battlefield historic incidents and more. The city was also the landmark of the American Civil War and therefore that are unresolved legend stories that hunt the city of Gettysburg. The bloody battlefield incidents have left the city with many horrific incidents that still hunt people. Such as Gettysburg Orphanage, Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg College, Doggin House Inn, and more. Each of these places is buried with lingering crimes that took place during the Civil War. For instance, Jannie Wade’s house is famous for the tragic death of Jannie who was the only civilian killed at the age of 20, struck by a bullet right into her heart. Yes, there are more battlefield stories and haunted houses that will leave you breathless.

6. Explore the ghost of Arizona

Arizona State is full of crime stories. Each city in the state has its own unique adventure to offer to its visitors but the haunted stories of times are different tests of a thing to explore in Arizona. Visit the Birdcage Theatre, Vulture Gold Mine, Oliver House, Superstition Mountains, The Carleton House, Colossal Cave, and Copper Queen Hotel are fascinating places to visit while you are in the States. They carry their own uniquely triggering stories of crime that are marked in these places. The lingering mysterious ghost stories make places to be one of the USA’s supernatural attractions sites to visit. 

For instance, the Colossal Cave has a legendary story of bandits hiding in the cave and stealing gold and money, and running away.  It said that there are paranormal activities that linger in the cave and one might even find the remains of the stolen fortune.


For a more enhancing ghost tour experience in the States and cities visit Viator for getting the best affordable booking for venturing into USA ghost adventures. Viator makes your bookings easy to book, easy to cancel, and fast scheduling even while booking at the last minute.  Getting the entire tour of one USA ghost tour can be quite pocket-burning and time-consuming if you are without a travel guide. The cost of a personal tour will also be affected on many grounds while travelling. With Viator, you have fixed tour activities booked already in advance and save a lot of your money on tour activities. For more information visit Noble Puma. 


Are ghost tours real to believe?
Not all the ghost stories are real. Some stories are directly linked with superstitious beliefs, while a lot of them are linked with past incidents that have lived for centuries. Some stories are connected with the house or mansion where people still like to talk about it.
Are ghost tours suitable for children?
Yes, in many of the haunted places, people come with families that include children. Children are often okay to be accompanied by their parents while visiting haunted places. But certain ghost tours are only applicable for adults who are 18 and above. So check the tour experience before making a booking.
Am I safe on ghost tours?
Yes, you are perfectly safe on ghost tours, since most of the places are well-secure with certain parameters to follow. Since you are with a tour guide and in a group of people, there are no dangers linked to your adventure while taking a ghost tour. 

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