Best Templates for Photographers

Display Your Portfolios in Style: Best Templates for Photographers

Ever wondered why an effective display of your portfolio is important? For most of us there, and with increasing competition these days, it is very important to be able to put out the best collection of photographs and display your exceptional skills in front of the world. Be the best and market yourself as you are with the best templates for photographers from Squarespace. Let us explore what things to consider and what necessities to make sure of while choosing the best web templates for photographers to enhance the effect of their portfolios on their target audience. 

Key Qualities to Remember when deciding on the best templates for photographers

Keeping in mind certain qualities that one should consider while designing their websites and displays is important. Look for specific qualities and their use cases as to how and why they could help you to build the perfect website for you. Some of them are mentioned below.

Showcase Portfolio

Make high-quality images the absolute star of the show. Use large, crisp thumbnails and ensure they can load quickly. Allow your audience to easily browse through all of your best work with clear navigation. Consider incorporating filters by category such as weddings, portraits, and landscapes into different and specific sections to help potential clients find what they’re looking for in a flash.

Simple and Clean Design

Make sure to not leave your audience and potential clients with a cluttered website. Keep the design with a minimal concept and focus on letting your work speak for itself. Using a clean and responsive template that will adapt seamlessly to any device, whether a desktop, a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone will automatically become one of the best templates for photographers. Visit Squarespace now for such templates.

Contact Information

Make it crystal clear how potential clients can get in touch with you. This should include a prominent email address, phone number, and a contact form such as a Google form that is directly accessible to you on the website. Consider adding a booking system for services if applicable, allowing clients to schedule consultations or sessions effortlessly.

About Me Section

This is your chance to introduce yourself and your unique photography style. Briefly tell your story as a photographer and highlight your experience and achievements. Showcase your passion and personality to build trust and rapport with potential clients who are browsing your website. Consider adding your personal experiences and inspirations to build a personal connection with the art of photography and the clients.

Social Media Integration

With the world we live in today, social media is more or less, the key to everything. Integrate links, and display your work via your websites into your social media profiles such as your Instagram and Facebook and showcase more of your work and connect with a wider audience. Allow visitors to easily share your photos on their social media platforms, expanding your reach organically and building connections.

Websites that are as Creative as their Creators

If you are looking for real-life examples who made it out with their own websites and are doing extremely well in their space, look at these website templates.

1. Kshitiz Sinha

The website focuses on essentially creating a minimalist design and highlighting the skills of capturing the still moments of life. The website focuses on keeping a grid-like design and low-light colors to enhance the overall appeal and focus of the viewer. A minimalist design and a clean interface for the viewer to ease on their scrolling and gain focus on each image, thus engaging a fair amount of time for them to appreciate their artwork.

2. Vuhlandes

The website creates a rather colorful aroma for its viewers. The website has a happy-go touch to it that makes the viewer stay for longer than anticipated. With the incorporation of different colors on a white background, there is a simple but creative energy to it, adding a layer of depth to the overall personality of the website.

3. Samuel Elkins

The website keeps the viewer in a loop of their portfolio before helping them with the medium to contact them. This engages the viewer to be fully thorough with the portfolio of the photographer before actually reaching out to them for consultations of work inquiries.

Best Templates for Photographers to Choose From

With tens of websites and companies offering the best templates for photographers to choose from, we have collected that information and presented to you some of them to ease out with your work. Go through them below.

1. Beaumont

Beaumont | Noblepuma

This template provides with you, one of the best designs out there; with a minimal display of colors and large content tiles for your audience to view your photos with ease. With a blend of colors that help aid and soothe the eyes of everyone, this template is surely worth giving a shot for your ideas and imagination to bring them to life. This is one of the best templates for photographers. Get it now!

2. Reseda

This template brings out the bold you. Take your vision to extreme heights with this template as the colors and highlights it provides to your portfolio brings a certain amount of depth that no other template can. The large font size and bold descriptions help create an important persona of your work and skills and are sure to help you land multiple clients. Use it now!

3. Sarah Minetta

This template brings out the content head in you, the one who is never satisfied, the one with a hundred ideas always beaming in their head. Play with the colors, the vibrancy of ideas, and a smooth flow of movement between the shifts of your ideas. This template is sure to bring out the best in your portfolio. Look for Squarespace for more ideas and templates.


For any photographer, showcasing their portfolio effectively is the most important thing. With Squarespace, creating a portfolio is made easy as it intuitively designs it for your personalisation. The look for the best templates for photographers ends now. Be it a street photographer, or a wedding photographer, be sure to have the best templates for photographers.

For more information on the best templates for photographers, visit Noblepuma!


What is a photography template?
In website design, a photography template is a pre-built layout specifically designed for photographers to showcase their work. These templates typically offer a clean and visually appealing way to display high-quality images, along with sections for contact information, About Me bios, and social media links.
What website builder do most photographers use?

There’s no single website builder that dominates the photography space. However, some popular options among photographers include the following.

Squarespace: Known for its ease of use, beautiful pre-made templates, and strong focus on visuals.
Wix: Offers a high degree of design flexibility with drag-and-drop functionality.
SmugMug: Caters specifically to photographers, offering features like online proofing and print sales integration.
WordPress: Requires some technical knowledge but offers the most customization options.

What is the best website framework for photography?

There is no single “best” framework for photography websites. Here is a breakdown of some popular options for you to try out.

Bootstrap: A free and open-source framework that offers responsive design and a wide range of already built components.
Foundation: A popular open-source framework with a focus on mobile-first design.
Tailwind CSS: A utility-first framework that gives you an extensive degree of control over how the website looks and feels.



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