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Vietnam has had a long history of censorship and government restrictions which renders a large number of digital platforms, which are otherwise fairly common in the rest of the world, inaccessible in the country. The same restrictions have been imposed by the government and have been a constant source of trouble for travellers all over the world, which is why you need a reliable VPN like Vietnam ExpressVPN. Let’s see how you can circumvent these internet restrictions. 

What Has Been Blocked In Vietnam?

Vietnam regulates its residents’ internet access via legal and technical methods, sometimes referred to as a “Bamboo Firewall.” Vietnam’s filtering levels, as assessed by the OpenNet Initiative, are categorised as ubiquitous in political matters, considerable in internet tools, and selective in social and conflict/security sectors. Reporters without Borders classify Vietnam as an “internet adversary.” 

In May 2024, prominent Vietnamese ISPs implemented a blockade on the digital game distribution platform Steam. This action was taken in response to the efforts of government authorities to restrict the access of Vietnamese consumers to cross-border services. Platforms such as Medium have been singled out for enabling the dissemination of personal beliefs and ideologies that undermine the integrity of the nation.

This is especially why it is important to use Vietnam ExpressVPN if you are travelling to the country. 

Is Using Vietnam ExpressVPN Safe?

The legality of VPNs in Vietnam is a major concern, with authorities cracking down on providers and users for accessing restricted content or engaging in subversive activities. VPN users face legal repercussions, including fines or imprisonment. Not all VPN services are created equal, and some may pose security risks, such as hacking, data leaks, or surveillance by state actors. 

Some free VPN services may monetize user data or engage in questionable practices, compromising user privacy. VPN usage also poses the risk of connection disruptions and slow speeds, as VPNs route internet traffic through servers in different countries, leading to latency issues and decreased browsing speeds, particularly when connecting to servers outside of Vietnam.

You can use Vietnam ExpressVPN to ensure that none of your activities are logged, so the government cannot access any records- because there aren’t any. Vietnam ExpressVPN also has around 105 geographic locations scattered all over the world. It is also important that you connect to a relatively nearby geographic location to make sure that your internet speed does not fall short. A great option would be to connect to Hong Kong or Singapore which are nearer and provide access to most international content. 

Why Is Vietnam ExpressVPN So Popular?

Vietnam ExpressVPN is the main solution in the country with attributes to work without geographical restrictions and amplify the privacy and security of the user. This technology makes it easy for users to hide their actual IP addresses and thus access any web content that may be restricted and located somewhere else. Whereas other systems protect their data through standard cryptographic methods, IPsec will prevent access to security-sensitive data by the use of its multi-layered security protocol, which is based on the correct implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

Vietnam ExpressVPN also enables secure access to public Wi-Fi networks, preventing unauthorised access to personal information and ensuring a safer browsing experience. VPNs also enhance online anonymity by masking IP addresses and concealing digital footprints, especially in Vietnam where online activities may be monitored. VPNs are essential for both personal and professional use, allowing users to navigate the digital realm with confidence and freedom. Join the likes of many customers who have been using ExpressVPN for ages! 

Features Of Vietnam ExpressVPN

Key Points

  • Fresh and fun design across all devices.
  • Easy-to-use features.
  • Speedy provider, slower than NordVPN.
  • Unblocking Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.
  • Secure and privacy features with robust encryption.
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat.
  • Vast Network Spanning Multiple Locations

ExpressVPN is a popular VPN service in Vietnam, offering a vast network of over 3,000 international servers across 105 countries. With a trial length of 30 days and 24/7 live chat support, ExpressVPN is a reliable option for those new to VPNs, those who value access to international content, and those who need a trusted VPN.

  • No Logs Policy

The service also provides regular audits and a no-logs policy to ensure your information is always safe. Get ExpressVPN before travelling to the country to access the restricted platforms easily! 

  • Good Encryption Capabilities 

ExpressVPN’s privacy and security features are the most impressive, including a transparent no-logs privacy policy, excellent AES-256 encryption, many protocols, kill switch on most platforms, and IPv6 leak protection. All of these features are regularly audited by independent firms. 

  • Regular Audits

The provider has also carried out 11 independent audits over 12 months in 2022 and expanded its device allowance from five to eight simultaneous connections with just one subscription last year. Get Express VPN if you are planning on making a group trip to the country! 

  • Consistently Good Speeds

ExpressVPN’s top speeds have also made significant improvements over the course of their functioning and work efficiently for loading web pages and are enough to stream HD or 4K content and carry out other online activities without buffering. ExpressVPN is a top choice for those looking for a reliable VPN service in Vietnam, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the VPN at no risk with its guarantee!


Vietnam faces censorship and government restrictions, making digital platforms inaccessible for travellers. The country’s “Bamboo Firewall” regulates internet access, with selective filtering in social and conflict sectors. In May 2024, Steam was blocked, raising concerns about personal beliefs. Vietnam ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN tool for bypassing geo-restrictions, enhancing privacy, and ensuring secure access to public Wi-Fi networks. 

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Is using VPN legal in Vietnam?
Yes, VPNs themselves are legal. But using them for illegal activities like doxxing and hacking into government sites is not.
Which VPN to use for Vietnam?
ExpressVPN is a reputable VPN with strong security and obfuscation features and fits the bill for its extensive features.
How to get Vietnam VPN for free?
Free VPNs often have limitations or security risks. Consider a paid VPN with a good reputation for better privacy and security.









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